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I'm Kayden, use fiera as my username everywhere because of loving the beauty of fire. I'm autistic which makes writing and online stuff more comfortable for me. I'm not great with remembering grammar rules but use Grammarly to try to combat that. Find it hard to get past character stuff to go farther with my writing ideas.


Myth Weaver
Hail and well met fiera43 [aka Kayden]
Good to have you here.
Everyone writes in the way that works for them. You can learn how others do it, but eventually you will find your own way.
Leap on in and don't be shy.
[okay I get the fiera bit now, but what about the 43? :p]


Honestly, have no idea why 43. Let a friend make me an email that had to do with the elements and ended with fiera43. I will eventually get in more conversations been reading as many of the posts as I can gather info.