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    How to Find the Discipline and Focus to Write
    This article is by Anne Marie Gazzolo.


    I am a master procrastinator and gold-medal winner in the art of distracting myself from what is important. I was so daunted by the amount of notes to gather into a cohesive first draft of my new book, Chosen, about the journeys of Bilbo and Frodo, I put it off again and again. I finally started in January 2017 after I was over the worst of the flu. I had some downtime while I recovered and used it wisely. And guess what? I finished my first draft far sooner than I thought.

    My fear to start— which was a fierce and roaring tiger before I began —turned out to be only a paper tiger. I actually was into my third draft before the date I set to finish the first. I finally decided this was important enough to invest some quality time, and it is out at last.

    So how can you find the same time to give birth to your own ideas and books?

    Set specific deadlines to finish various drafts and/or how many pages you will write or edit each day.

    Honor these commitments. My brain works easier with a deadline to meet, rather than a vague ‘write a book this year.’ Give yourself particular dates you must be done. If it helps, use dates important to your story or your life. For me, I chose particular dates in Middle-earth, like finish the first draft by March 25, second by Mid-Year’s Day, etc. Once you commit yourself, your brain will figure...
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