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Howdy Howdy


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Hey all, came across this site recently and it looked like a great place to learn some things and discover more books. Began reading more last year and found a new appreciation for it. (Currently in the middle of the Dune series but I'll be looking for more afterward)
I've also been thinking about making a comic/graphic novel at some point cause I love to draw too, and no better time to start than the present. But I gotta finish writing the story and world-build and all that good stuff first.
So here I be, looking forward to learning some things :)


Myth Weaver
Howdy Jziro. Welcome here.

I got through book four, and then I bailed on Dune. IMO, the got progressively less interesting as they went. I have heard the series picked up again after book four, but for me the damage was done. I did not care for worm emperor Leto, or Duncan Idaho in any measure.


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I'm onboard the limited love of Dune train... Book 1. Never made it through book 2.

Welcome to the Scribes.
Hey thanks, book 2 definitely changed the tone up (for better or worse), but I still enjoy the concepts and the philosophy throughout the ones I've read