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Human animal hybrid combat styles


In my new WIP something happened to fuse humans with animals as a result neither pure animals nor pure humans exist anymore but you have mainly human base hybrids. The predatory ones split into two groups over centuries of this. One group eats eggs, shellfish, fish (for some reason whatever happened only affected land and sky creatures bugs and fish remain), bugs, and vegetarian alternatives in addition to taking a carnivore pill that largely removes their predatory hybrid traits. The second group however live in a country that lives by the law of the jungle. This country has territories and these territories are run by apexes. One of the mc's is a python apex who due to a change of heart renounced hunting and eating hybrids (also known as wild bloods). However since these wild bloods have various animal abilities i was curious how some of them might mix their animal trait and their human physic (for example the python aims to grapple/chokehold/squeeze his opponents. In the case of fights with older/stronger snakes he might use a knife to stab and cut muscles to break the constriction.) (Guns exist but many reptiles and a few hard hide animals are resistant or immune to firearms shy of some very strong ones) some of them use weapon to augment their lack of power for example prey hybrids such as the other mc who is a dove use firearms to protect themselves.