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Why demon would fall in love with a human

I've gotten an idea from a Swedish children's fantasy book where the protagonist is a half-human hybrid-his father was a human agent working for a secret organization that deals with the supernatural and his mother was an ancient demon lord named "The Spider Queen" and one of seven rulers of hell. They were truly in love and his mother spent time with his father while in human form.

I might write a story inspired by the book one day, as I feel that it had a lot of cool and interesting concepts that were barely explored and overall the writing wasn't that good. I find the idea of a powerful demon and human in a romantic relationship has a lot of potential.

I want to ask why a demon would fall in love with a human. The demon's true form is that of a giant spider, but they can take human form. Humans wouldn't register as attractive to them anymore than spiders would be physically attractive to a human, and if they'´re Jorogumo-like in habits humans are their usual prey items. But somehow, they and the human look past their differences and mutually fall in love. The human is either a wizard or someone who deals with the supernatural on the regular, so the knowledge that demons exist doesn't shock them at all. Demons in this setting aren't inherently evil or tied to Christianity but more like Fey or nature spirits.


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Why does anyone fall in love? Presumably the human did something or posseses some quality that impressed them. Perhaps there is something in human nature that the demons don't have, but this one in particular has learned to respect. If they're a wizard, that could be something like curiosity, bravery in confronting the unknown, maybe selflessness if they are trying to help others. Or maybe it's just that the human is non-judgemental and sees demons as individuals rather than just a threat.


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The deities of the ancient pantheons were continually having affairs with mortals. And many (arguably a majority) of those deities acted much more like demons than ought else. (This would include the vast majority of the Greco-Roman pantheon, with the chief exceptions being Hephaestus and Athena.)

The gods of one era tended to be the demons of the next.

Hence, my suggestion would be the 'love' would be closer to 'lust' in reality, and that the demon in question was once regarded as a (sort of) benevolent deity.
In YA fiction there are *many* examples of women falling for the ‘bad boys’ - demons, vampires, beasts, creatures. You name it. It’s a thing. Not my thing, but a thing all the same.

Totally plausible, but you’ve got to make that romance believable.