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  1. Trailofstardust

    Why demon would fall in love with a human

    I've gotten an idea from a Swedish children's fantasy book where the protagonist is a half-human hybrid-his father was a human agent working for a secret organization that deals with the supernatural and his mother was an ancient demon lord named "The Spider Queen" and one of seven rulers of...
  2. J

    Please give me advice on my action adventure supernatural horror novel

    What do you think of my action adventure supernatural horror story novel? This story will be about a supernatural medieval German prince who is a great warrior as a knight. As a knight, he was one of the best martial artists and individual warriors for his time. He is an expert in a form of...
  3. T

    Weird-ish Dream

    I had a weird-ish dream a while back. I woke up in my bed, I was in my apartment and everything seemed very normal. I heard a creaking and rustling in the hallway outside my front door. This was fairly normal, but I get on edge anyways because I am military police and I live on the rough side...
  4. Eztlirald Clarinda

    Anything on demons and demon possessions???

    So I have this new addition to the world building and plot of my story involving demons and demon hunters. However, to make it as accurate as possible, I want to do some extensive research over demons, their power, their community, demonic possession, and anything related to the above. Anything...
  5. mc.joeyy

    My Elves

    In planning and drafting my fantasy novel, I've come to learn that the elves found in my world aren't too much like elves traditionally found in fantasy. I wanted to know if this was a problem, and if they stray too far from their origins. Characteristics of my elves: -Have demonic ancestry (in...
  6. K


    So I’m working on a story haven’t written anything besides brainstorming the characters, types of creatures, etc. mostly been researching demons as that will be the monsters in the story. What type of demons are there? Can I make up my own? I found a couple of mythology demons that would fit my...
  7. Tabitha Meadows

    What's My Style

    First of all, hello to all and I am excited to be here. I enjoy reading and writing anything about vampires, demons, witches, and any kind of mythical creature. I love to read manga and webtoons, want to travel to experience the world to gain inspiration. I'm sure I sound weird or strange when...
  8. Twixt Heaven and Hell

    Twixt Heaven and Hell

    Cover art for the novel TWIXT HEAVEN AND HELL. Art by Graham Hanks