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I had a weird-ish dream a while back.

I woke up in my bed, I was in my apartment and everything seemed very normal. I heard a creaking and rustling in the hallway outside my front door. This was fairly normal, but I get on edge anyways because I am military police and I live on the rough side of town. I reached down to grab my Glock 19 I have loaded by my bed and when I brought my hand up I had a weird foreign thing I have never seen. Best way I can describe it without drawing it is a wood/metal mixed object with a spined point sticking out the front. I got up and walke dout of my room taking a right into my living room and froze. Black claws were scrapping and pushing around all sides of my front door. I raised the object in my hand towards the door and as I did the door shattered and what seemed like hundreds of black withery creatures flooded into my apartment. They were disfigured beings with a variety of joints on each limb, and some with more than four limbs, and they dug their claws into the floor and walls and ceilings. Their maw had four mandibles that could rotate open or closed and they had rows upon rows of teeth with a fang on each mandible. They had six eyes dispersed across many of their joints and two were on the end of what I can only describe as their hands although that is a stretch. They all kind fo surrounded me, jumped at me, and then everything became a bright white and they started screeching and withering away into ash as I convulsed and lifted off the ground. I woke up for real in that moment and had to change my bedding because I had sweat through everything I was sleeping in.