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Weird Dreams

A much better alternative than going insane, which I hear is another common side effect of accidentally glimpsing Eternal Knowledge.
I was offered eternal knowledge once by a guy in NYC. He was, like, super dirty and was only wearing a trench coat. I passed him up on the offer and hid my eyes. The people behind me screamed though. I guess their eyes melted from the gloriousness of that knowledge.
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Myth Weaver
Had a fairly strange dream last night - at least by my current standards. Bit fragmentary, but here goes.

I was visiting somebody - a distant relative, perhaps. We talked about a number of topics, but me attention was drawn to this monster terrarium that had sort of taken over his living room - a coffin sized glass case dominated by exotic looking plants with little creatures of uncertain aspect darting among the roots and leaves. Slender dark statues of people, dinosaurs, and odd beasts flanked either end of the exhibit. He said he'd ordered it through the 'Ruin Museum' (there was another name in the dream, but it escapes me now.)

But what drew my attention was the badly fractured glass along the one side. It'd been thoroughly taped up, but was still obvious.

'Looks like it was damaged in shipment,' I commented. 'Maybe you should get a refund.'

Buddy looked at me all sheepish. 'Nah, it was fine when it arrived. This just happened a couple days ago.'

'Kids?' The word sounded wrong as I said it. 'No, you didn't.' I figured he must have hit it by accident with something.

'I didn't.' He glared at the terrarium. 'I heard a crash one night and found it like this.'


We talked some more, then I left for home. Along the way, I stopped at another acquaintances house for a quick visit. Did a double take. Another terrarium - also with one side badly cracked, and a similar story. Told him about the person I'd just visited. A few calls were made. I decided to look into it.

Top of the list was the 'Ruin Museum,' set amidst a sprawling set of tumbled walls and broken pillars atop a plateau, reached by a narrow (but paved) switchback road. (The dream me had been here a couple times before.) Place had something of a theme park atmosphere: shops and stalls a primitive looking playground equipment - even a sort of theme park train. What drew my attention, though, was the yard wide, unrailed, utterly unsupported walkway that jutted fifty feet into open space - with an outhouse at the end. I had the distinct impression said walkway (not very thick at all) would break should anybody venture towards the toilet.

(Gets a bit murky here.) I made some inquiries, which convinced me to head to the plateaus edge and climb down the cliff to the swampy realm below. (again, my dream self had done this at least once before) From there I took a rough trail to an isolated subdivision, and paid a call to a house occupied by an eccentric tinkerer. Lots of wheeled and mechanical contraptions zipping about. I got answers of some sort, then made my way back to the cliff.

(Dream recollection is clearer) I look at that vertical wall of fractured rock and roots and go 'ugh.' It's not that I can't do it - because I have - it's a 'I don't have time for this. There has got to be another way.' I look along the base of the cliff, hoping to spot an ascent path that isn't quite so vertical. To my left, I note the cliff top curves for the first third of the drop, and appears to be riven by several deep clefts. I take a step in that direction.

A glimmer in the stone where I'm headed attracts my attention. It grows brighter, turns into lines. The lines become a door. Something (large and mechanical) exits it for the swamp. Intrigued, I stumble in that direction, and after a bit of bumbling, find a concealed door. I speak into a grill. A cyborg answers. We look at each other. He goes away, returns with somebody else, not quite human, dressed in a form fitting white outfit. They seem mildly annoyed, but take me to a room dominated by another of the terrariums - complete with flanking knee-high statues and fractured glass. Guy in charge shows up, says 'yeah, this just happened. No idea why.'

'Maybe I do,' I tell him. I do something to one of the manikins - not sure what. It animates. So do the others. They get into the terrarium and begin munching on one of the plants.

End of dream.


Queen of Titania
Hello Thinker!

You have some brilliant Dream Recall skills there, that's really loads of details recalled from a single dream. There is certain eerie and mysterious nature in your dream, not a nightmare but certainly it was not sweet either. I love when we visit somewhere that we have seen and experienced in other dreams before, that happens to me too but not very often.

The weird terrariums with damaged parts are... well, spooky!

Yeah, no surprise that the dream people in that world cared little or nothing about that. Other times they have strong reactions to things that seem good or just pretty normal to us, so we are kind of opposite beings sometimes.

When you wake up and a dream seems murky and difficult to recall, stay motionless on bed for some time.

Now, a weird dream that I had a few nights ago!

I sometimes travel to various nearby cities to see the historic sites that are so abundant around here. I like to experience new hotels and adventures, and that's exactly what I was doing at the start of this dream.

It was just a happy travel at the start, until one night I was discovered by a ghostly presence in some unknown old hotel somewhere.

I knew that something was not alright because I felt watched all the time, so I started to take pictures with my digital camera and then I saw her: The ghost was a young ghost girl, perhaps around ten years old and wearing some old and Victorian-like white dress. Her skin was gray, long black hair and she looked spooky in general even though I could not detect any evil nature in her.

The girl was some kind of lost soul, she decided to follow me around and most of the digital pictures would show her standing beside me or just staring at me all night while I slept.

As days and weeks passed (it was one of those dreams that feel super long!) I decided to take the ghost girl to the place that she needed to return to, and so she guided me to a very tall building not that far from where I live. It was an apartment building, but about as tall as a serious skyscraper... Also there was no elevator, and this means that I had to climb a hundred or so stories by myself with the invisible presence following me all the time.

It so happened that her parents lived there, and they were happy to have their daughter back home.

I mean, the little girl was dead (murdered many years ago, if I recall correctly) but the old parents welcomed the ghost and were happy anyway. After that, I was free of the ghost and everything was fine.

Now I'll go and share something at the Nightmares thread!
I had a dream last night that I was staying at a hotel and saw the TARDIS parked in the parking lot. The next thing, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi came in to say hello, and ended up chatting with me, as if we were old friends. I showed them my Doctor costume, and they were rather impressed.


Queen of Titania
This one is a pretty normal dream for my standards, but I guess that it can be regarded as a weird dream anyway so here I go.

In real life, my sister has been enduring a Black Widow infestation ever since she moved to her new house. We have killed a lot of those things, and despite my repeated offensives with freaking Propoxur she still has them. Just recently, she caught a juvenile one and kept it inside of a glass jar so I could identify the damn thing the following day.

The Giant Black Widows Dream!

In the dream, my house was exactly the same except that we had a vast and lonely park at the other side of the street.

The park in question was very large, but also it was a sad and eerie view. The trees and grass were... dead and dry, like something from a Halloween movie. It was beautiful to me, and yet most people would not dare to have a walk there. Then, one cloudy day I was admiring the park with my binoculars and there it was:

A Black Widow of impossible size was trying to hide between the bushes and trees. The spider's body was at least five feet long, not to mention its legs... I was quite scared just looking at that thing, and I whispered to myself that I would never walk into the park again. Then, some time later (dream time, which feels like days or weeks sometimes!) I caught another giant spider!

This one was small enough to fit inside of a water bucket, though barely. I took it to my father so he could see it, and I explained the need for us to move to a different place because of the terrible risk involved. However, my dad seemed to be more amused than scared and in the end he told me that the giant spiders were harmless and that we would be just fine living there.

Curious, eh?

In real life, I am very worried about those things and I am planning to use something stronger in order to destroy the infestation at my sister's place once and for all. I have some seriously powerful stuff at my disposal, but we need to be very careful in order to avoid poisoning her cats.


I was looking through my dream journal, which I have kept since 2011, and was thinking about what great story fodder dreams can be. In general, I'm fascinated by dreams. I imagine that they must be some kind of key to a person's inmost thoughts and feelings. Anyone want to share their weird dreams? The weirder the better.

One of the weirdest dreams I've ever had was when I dreamt of flying, crazy squirrels attacking me and mum as we walked down a residential street towards the bus stop. We passed by an empty, half built house and a family of crazy flying squirrels attacked us lol I rounded up a few neighbourhood kids and with slings, pelted them with rotten potatoes lol.


Not so much an weird one as one with some strangely vivid imagery a couple of nights ago. In the dream I was apparently on vacation in the south Pacific with my family, and we had rented some sort of yacht. Somehow, I got separated from my family and was alone on the yacht (which I also was rowing for some reason) trying to find my way to shore. To the right side of the yacht, there was some sort of open ocean, but then I looked down at the yacht's gps (why didn't I use that before?) and saw that there was a small island off to the left side. So, I got up and looked around, and sure enough there was an island with a hill near the shore. So, I made it to the island and discovered that it was extremely windy. Like, knock-you-off-your-feet windy. Now that I was closer, I could see a wooden staircase leading up the hill like you might see on a hiking trail. So, I climbed to the top of the hill and was greeted with a magnificent view.

I wish I were any good at drawing, because the scene was so surreal and beautiful that I'd love to put it on paper. The island was apparently composed of two separate islands, and I was looking across the channel between the two. The channel was filled with tall rocky spires topped with vivid green plant life, and the water below was intensely blue. Every time the wind gusted the water would be blown out of the channel revealing the muddy seabed before rushing back in. Words can't describe how incredibly vivid this image was.

I was also on a small viewing platform above a small crowd of people who were also admiring the view. I pulled out a camera and tried to take a picture of it, however just as I did the wind died down and the rushing water stopped. Two boats, presumably full of tourists, drove in near the rocky spires to get a better view. Then, the wind started to pick up again and the boats turned around... and then this dream ends and abruptly segues into another dream.

I'm walking around my house, and my dad tells me that I was knocked out for several years and have amnesia (or maybe I just suddenly knew that? I'm not really sure). Apparently the previous dream is simply the last thing I remembered. I looked at our clock, which shows the date, and saw that it was now the year 2022. I asked my dad if I at least finished my degree (Aerospace Engineering) before I went under, but doesn't respond and just walks away.

I was about to ask him again, but something about this interaction triggered something in my head. He had clearly heard me, and just walking away like that just seemed so thoroughly unlike him. I thought "Wait a second... is this a dream?" I looked around, thought about how I felt at the moment, then thought "Yeah, this is a dream." At first, I try to wake up, but to no avail. Then, I figured that I'd try lucid dreaming for once. I spent a minute or two trying to make something happen, but apparently my efforts to wake up just had a delayed effect, since as I tried again and again to do something strange the dream became less and less solid until I finally woke up.

Most of the dreams I remember end with me realizing that I'm in a dream, but in spite of the abruptness of it I'm glad it ended that way, since otherwise I probably wouldn't have remembered the island. And that island WILL be finding its way into something I write one way or another.
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Queen of Titania
Hello Vaporo!

Thanks for that wonderful description of your recent, highly vivid Dream experiences and scenery. The places, buildings and landscapes in dreams can sometimes be so striking and surreal that the waking world pales in comparison, I believe you because it has happened to me too! The colors can be better and more intense as well, and everything can be incredibly detailed.

Yeah, definitely that island that you visited needs to be part of one of your stories, it sounds truly wonderful.

So you are an Aerospace Engineer, that's impressive! I see that's why you could answer and comment so well in my giant space rocket thread, in the other forum, some time ago. Congratulations, it's a very difficult degree as far as I know, and engineers keep the world working for the rest of us.

I do not dream much about islands and the sea, most of my dreamscapes are inland locations.