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Ultra, ultra weird dream last night!


Last night I dreamed that instead of airplanes people would travel long distance by ridding these large bat/pterodactyl like creatures! I'm not sure how to describe then. They where mammals with short soft fur. They where kinda like pterodactyls, but their heads and faces where like bats, and they seemed to have other bat traits like echolocation and such. It seemed a lot of people had these creatures. I don't know what these creatures where called, people in the dream only referred to them as the flyers.

Although that sounds really cool, the dream took a dark turn and is kinda graphic from here, so didn't read if your sensitive I guess...

So these creatures where fully sentient and could talk, but they where usually not allowed to!
They appeared to be a fully enslaved species for a very long time! They knew shame but where not allowed to have clothing. It seemed they where often forced to breed. But even worse the males where often castrated with sledge hammers!

For some reason even though it was made clear that the flyers where personal property and you could do just about whatever you wanted to them, owners where frowned upon for keeping them in their homes. The flyers where kept in these stable buildings that had separate rooms for each one. The would be chained in place with these weird huge hook and clamp things that would often hurt the flyers. I never heard of any escapes or disobedience from the flyers.

Now, this dream sort of had a fast foreword alternate of my life! My mom had this male flyer since she was young and would bring him to our yard for me and my siblings to play with and we would wash him too. He seemed to like me and I liked him, but oddly my siblings thought he was ugly and gross. It seemed he didn't have a name as people didn't name them. They also apparently lived a long time as even though ours was several decades old, he was strong and active. I also remember him thanking us for not castrating him.

It seemed people would abuse their flyers greatly, I saw many where missing teeth and eyes and had really bad scars!

So the dream fast forwarded to I guess today and me and my mom took him on a trip. We flew on him to another part of the country for a day trip. We left him in a hotel stable I guess. During the trip, I kept going back to check on him. It seemed the stable clamps where hurting him, but it was like the law to keep them chained up. He seemed happy to see me and would greet me and smile, even though he was in pain. I would pet him and he would be happy.

Later my mom decided to transfer ownership of him to me. He seemed both happy and nervous about that for some reason. Also people said it was dumb that I was getting such an old flyer even though he was healthy and strong, and that I should just get rid of him.

Then we flew home on him. But there was a massive thunderstorm that had destroyed his stable, so we took him to our house. We brought him inside and made a bed for him in the basement. He had never been inside our house before and seemed really nervous.

I remember some time after that, I went downstairs to see him. He was all curled up and huddling in the corner instead of the bed we made. When he saw me, he stood up and spread his wings and legs. I guess presenting his body in case I wanted to beat him? I don't know why though. I had never hurt him before.

At this point in the dream I remembered that people would take their flyers home to kill them. I guess he thought I was going to kill him for allegedly being too old? He started crying when I got close to him. So I started petting and stroking him. I told him I loved him and he was my friend. It took a while for him to calm down and trust me. I don't know why, I had always played with him and hugged him as a kid in the dream. Finally he stopped crying and hugged me. I realized it was the first time he actually trusted me! After that I think more stuff happened, but the dream sort of faded away and I woke up.

The flyers where really cool, but it was sad how they where treated. Also it seemed that flyers that where set free didn't live long for some reason. I would love and take care of my flyer. He was cute and had such soft fur, and I think I remember hand feeding him in the dream. I kinda wish he was real but don't like the slave part.
Well, what do you guys make of that? This was probably the strangest dream I ever had! I wonder if there is a meaning to it? This dream has left s strong impression on me, and I'll always remember my flyer.


Myth Weaver
Reminds me of the woolly's in Samurai Jack.

There's a saying, if you love someone, set them free. If they return, they are yours.

Sounds like a good think to write in a story.


Reminds me of the woolly's in Samurai Jack.

There's a saying, if you love someone, set them free. If they return, they are yours.

Sounds like a good think to write in a story.

I've never watched samurai jack but I just looked that up and yeah maybe.

I see, interesting.

This dream was just so strange. It had replays of my childhood memories of family trips, but we where flying on the huge weird bat like creature.
And it was like a altered memory of when I was a kid and playing in our yard, only we had the big flyer there.
I've never had that happen in a dream before, and I'm actually sad that me flyer isn't real!