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    Last night I had a weird dream.

    I found a friend asleep encased in glass in a cellar after he had gone missing for some time. I woke him up with a little difficulty and he stepped through the glass a little annoyed about being woken up so early. He said, 'I'm sleeping into the future. I found this...' and pulled out an old bronze amulet on a chain around his neck. 'It lets you go to sleep and wake up in the future.' He handed me one. 'Try it.'

    So i sat down with this amulet around my neck, and he sat down on the other side of a table, and we slept. Time went by and I woke, looked around, he was still sleeping, the amulet was now partly in my hand and part embedded in the table. I pulled it out, and the table around it sort went all gooey and sticky like it was stuck in a massive pile of chewing gum and to clean it, I hit it on the table.

    I was transported to some sort of Victorian waiting room at the gates of heaven, where I met an angel in a black suit, and had an argument with him over something he hadn't done. I was very angry (though can't think why) then I stormed off back to the cellar where I went back to sleep.
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  2. Writeking

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    I once had a dream where I was in the first dungeon of the Legend of Zelda 1, saw the Wallmasters moving all around me.
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    So, I have this recurring dream theme. Wastelands. I usually dream about where I live or the city nearby as an overgrown, green, post-apocalyptic place with cracked sidewalks and bulging parking lots. I'm alone, of course, and there are questionable stains on everything. Leaves carpet everything. There are no animals.

    There's these things. They're human-ish. They've had their faces torn off, big pits of puffy red flesh where the facial features ought to be, except for the mouth. The teeth are blackened and they're locked in an eternal scream of pain, but no noise comes from them. They're naked - their groin is as their face, raw, red, bloody. It looks like their heart has been torn out, as well. Their arms are twisted behind their backs, removed at the elbow. Chains bolted into the humerus drag behind them, and there railroad stakes stabbed through the chain links into massive, bloody red hearts they drag behind them. They wander in the streets.

    Inside buildings are thin, bald, naked men with only a single eye in their neck, no other facial features, save for a small, pin-sized hole in the middle of the face. From this they can extrude a seeking, shivering black antenna, which they use to lap up black liquid that they find beneath torn up floorboards or holes in tile floors.

    I can buy things at a market. The stalls are ragged, made of sheet metal, and staffed by masses of teeth that clack out their words in a cacophony of chittering pops. They want a specific kind of money, though. There's a kind of fly that buzzes around out in the swamps. You have to get it to bite you, let the poison turn to coins in your veins, and let the coins worm through your innards until they come out your mouth or your eyes, and collect them up to use at the market.

    There's this other guy. I call him ass-eyes because he's got these nasty, diseased anuses for eyes and black streaks down his face like swollen tears of shit have been rolling down them. No lips on this guy. No nose, or even hint of a nose. He doesn't have a whole lot of skin, so he's heated up some metal and roof tiles and the like and seared them onto his body. He's sewn bedsheets on the rest of him. They're gross, laden with pus and infected yellow tissue. He's dripping tar, shit, and wound-cheese all the time, and he eats the hearts. They can't run away from him, though, so he gorges himself, gets fat, and lays in the dark until the flies have turned all his flesh into coins, and he buries them under trees covered in mouths that whisper the words to forgotten songs that I can never remember when I wake up.
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    ...What on earth do you do before bed?? Maybe you should consider some, uhh...well, a glass of warm milk? therapy? yikes man

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