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Weird Dreams

Discussion in 'The Dreamscape' started by DragonOfTheAerie, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. SeverinR

    SeverinR Vala

    I learned early to control my dreams.
    I think I was 10-11 when I dreamed of someone chasing me through the woods. I got tired of running.
    So I looked around saw a BFR...Nope not what you think. (for those not familiar with BFR...it's a rock.)
    I kicked the rock over and grabbed a short barreled revolver and shot the attacker.
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  2. Smajdalf

    Smajdalf Scribe

    So a WILD is a thing when you wake up in a weird way, and control your dream then? If this is a WILD, I have it almost every time I have a dream for the last few years.

    E.g. maybe a week before I had a dream that I lived in flooded world and I had power using my soul energy to heal, create extreme heat and create armblades ot of the energy. A girl had these too.
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  3. Nimue

    Nimue Auror

    Some degree of lucidity happens to me fairly often in memorable dreams, usually taking one of two forms: I have magical powers within the dream, or I'm trying to turn the dream into one of my stories, focus them on a character. Lol, the writing bug is incurable. In either case, trying too hard or repeatedly tends to wake me up or wildly derail the dream. With the story, the plot usually mutates immediately, and half my brain is convinced that this is the way it goes, and the other half is indignantly trying to correct it.

    The most significant dreams for me carry some strong, indescribable emotion. There are two that have stuck with me for a while: the first, when I was much younger, was about a wood nymph or spirit that lies down in a stream to die--there was more to it, but that's the only image I have left. The second was the image of a young woman with dark hair walking across an endless grey plane of ash towards a pillar of light in the distance. I worked with this for a while and had a story plotted out around it, but couldn't get started on it. I might revisit it with a better sense of structure and length; maybe it'll be easier now that the imperative emotion has worn off.
  4. Ireth

    Ireth Myth Weaver

    Strange (but awesome) dream of the day: I was part of the Star Wars universe, apparently around the time of the original trilogy (I recall clear mention of the Death Star not being destroyed yet), except that Leia was her older self from TFA.

    I was among a big group of other women around my age, all of whom had apparently been brainwashed by the Sith and rescued by the rebellion; we all had some sort of tube put through our lower lips with an anti-brainwash serum of some sort. Mine was kept in longer than the others'; whether it was put in wrong or I got the wrong dosage, I'm not sure, but it hurt like heck and I couldn't remember my own name (which was apparently "Rucks").

    After Leia helped orient me with everything that was going on, I and the other women in my group went for a bus ride and wound up at a strangely Earth-like convenience store, where everyone but me bought different kinds of candy and snacks, apparently as a substitute to hard drugs. Options included Cheetos, Twizzlers, Nerds and Starbursts, among others. There was also a trading system in place, which I didn't get much detail on.

    If only I could make it make more sense, I might try to turn it into a fic... but I doubt that's gonna happen.
  5. Legendary Sidekick

    Legendary Sidekick The HAM'ster Moderator

    I could do that, and when I was about 22 or 23, I was a sore loser. So I was sleeping in my dorm, dreaming I was driving from home and heading back to the university late at night. This dream was perfectly normal at this point, except I had to floor it because I was being chased. A gunshot rang out and a bullet penetrated my rear window and the back of my head. I slumped against the steering wheel dead.

    "It's my dream. I'm not gonna die."

    So I started the dream over, driving away from my house. Speeding up. The bullet goes through my rear window, through my windshield. Before I can shout, "Ha! You missed!" the unseen assassin shoots a second time. The bullet grazes my jugular. Blood is spraying and I'm struggling to steer my Jeep and stay alive.

    My dorm room is partially visible. I can see my clock. (The actual time, it turned out, so my eyes were really open and the dream was still going on!) I can see myself in the dream pounding on the steering wheel. "I'm NOT gonna die. It's MY dream!"

    I clamp my eyes shut. I'm driving. This time I shift my body left and steer to the left side. Bullets fly through the passenger side of the windshield. Three shots. All miss. I make it over the crest of the hill and keep going. The assassin can't get another shot.

    "Yeah! F*** you, dream!"

    I wake up, feeling triumphant. Then I feel kinda bewildered.
  6. ThinkerX

    ThinkerX Myth Weaver

    Alas, most of my good dreams are from decades past. The bulk of my present day dreams tend to revolve around work - the really boring aspects, like sorting mail, which is slightly more thrilling than watching paint dry.

    I did learn how to control most of my dreams as a kid.

    But there were a few that stood out, including a couple I occasionally wonder might not be some sort of past life experience. One of the more memorable:

    I am a military draftee, loaded onto a bus with several dozen other people. The bus proceeds along the base of a mountainous region, enters a valley, and stops. We get out into a wooded dell next to a river. Steep slopes, a couple notches shy of counting as cliffs rise to either side, dotted with yellow brown grass and tall brush. Each of us has a bolt action rifle with a massive wooden stock, along with maybe six or eight bullets. Word is the gun is useless at any significant range. We start to set up a camp, but nobody is really in charge, and most of us have no idea how to proceed.

    That's when the shooting starts. Gunfire from the one slope, just sounds, don't really see anything. A few guys take their best guess and shoot back. Then a bunch of us break for the opposite slope and start climbing. It's hot. The equipment, especially the rifles, seem to weigh a ton. We get tired fast. Try to stick to the brush, to make for a smaller target.

    I talk with a couple of the guys next to me. We decided we are two valleys over from another base our side has in the area. Climb this hill, drop down the other side, climb the next, and drop into the camp.

    Other side follows us up the slope. I don't see them, just hear the shots. A couple times I take shots at moving brush, no idea if I hit anything. Some of the people with me abandon their rifles. Guy next to me gets hit, rolls over. I find a lightweight shiny pistol on him, very thin, with maybe three or four bullets. I take it and make a dash for the ridge top with three or four others.

    I'm beat when I reach the summit, puffing like a bellows, barely able to move. A couple guys in better shape tear off down the other side, but I'm too freaking winded. Instead, I stumble along the ridge with another draftee. We reach a rise that proves to be a bunker of some sort, in piss poor condition. Better than being in the open. We go inside. At the back is a sort of crack near the ceiling that leads up and out. Other guy takes that. While I'm waiting my turn, I hear a sound from the bunker entrance. I whirl and see an enemy soldier facing me, gun pointed straight at me.

    End of dream.
  7. Ban

    Ban Sir Laserface Article Team

    This time no grilled cheese sandwich.
    Warning: Slight horror coming through.

    In my dream I was traversing a beautiful river in the southern France by boat. Along the way passing winefields and quaint little forests. At evening I sailed underneath a gothic-style bridge with a tower on one side. I docked my boat to check this place out, or was I invited? I really can't remember. Three noble sons in tunics were hanging prisoners upside-down and then setting them ablaze. For some reason this did not faze me. I just wished them a good evening and went on my way inside the tower. The tower was bigger on the inside than on the outside. A great banquet was being held, although it looked more like a fancy vampiric gala. I talked a bit before sitting down at the main table. This is when the lord of the house arrived on the balcony (Yeah there was a balcony inside). It was Roose Bolton, smiling and waving. Which was really creepy. We ate the food. Afterwards Roose told us it was human meat. Everyone was slightly amused and we watched Breaking Bad afterwards.

    I swear I'm normal, ok.
  8. I haven't been remembering my dreams very well lately. One that stands out in my memory, though, is my dream about being in a restaurant fighting Sherlock Holmes (the BBC Sherlock) with a tennis racquet.

    This is very typical for me.
  9. Chessie

    Chessie Guest

    I shared this one with my husband over breakfast this morning:

    Last night, I had a TWD dream. He was not in it, lol. I was with Rick's group on some island. There were problems between our group and the other settlers on the island. Interestingly enough, there were no zombies there, and only discovered the reason halfway into the dream: vampires. We were holed up in some building and the group was stressing out because the vampires had found us (they had devoured everyone on the island therefore there were no zombies because no one had been left alive).

    The vampires were trying to break into our building, and people were freaking out. Rick gave me Judith to hold and I was angry about that, so I passed her off to someone else. In an effort to figure out how to secure the building, I sought out Darryl. Well...during the brainstorming session, I ended up making out with Darryl on the floor. Um, lol! I do not find Norman Reedus attractive in the least bit. Why couldn't it have been Rick?! Come on, dream!

    Either way, my husband found this hilarious. :p
  10. SaltyDog

    SaltyDog Sage

    I never remember my dreams. Not really at least, I can't recall the last one I had.
  11. skip.knox

    skip.knox toujours gai, archie Moderator

    Same here, Salty Dog. Once in a while, I do wake up with a clear memory of having dreamed. I know I have dreamed. I feel a strong emotion, usually something rather melancholic but never a feeling that can be captured in words. If I try recalling the dream itself, it disappears into the fog. The feeling will hang around a while, fading like an echo.

    My wife has clear dreams that have a plot line and everything. It's completely incomprehensible to me. I don't think I've ever dreamed an actual narrative. If I kept a dream journal it would consist largely of ink blots.
  12. My brother dreamed about babies that had cupcake icing for hair and if you licked it off it would give them mouth cancer.

    I don't even know.
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  13. psylenda

    psylenda Acolyte

    I had a dream where I was floating around a grey sphere. Every now and then I would stop and an incomprehensible array of numbers would fly out, followed by an all encompassing thrumming that filled my head. Very strange and abstract. I usually have normal dreams, like flying or walking in the forest.
  14. I've had this recurring dream where I get letters and into discussions with various officials from the school district I attended when I was in middle school about why I need to go back and finish a year. They claim I didn't take some classes and I have to go back. Ah but this iteration advanced the plot line. Since I got a new job yesterday that was a new feature. I ended up in my dream dying the district so I don't have to go to back to middle school. The partners at the firm helped me file the case.

    ...I need help.
  15. For as long as I can remember, all of my dreams have been weird or just plain bizarre, and very vivid. I've had too many crazy dreams to list. In my most recent one, I dreamed that I was at this lovely book/crystal shop, and a very nice woman was there, talking to me about being a mother. She seemed to think that I was also a mother. I then realized that I was not only floating, but also dead--yet not dead at all, and I was completely fine with that. Then I went out of the shop, and stepped onto the hot sidewalk, and the sun was shining intensely. I went across the street and saw a frog hopping along the grass, and then went into this stone archway building that didn't have any doors, and there was a bed there, presumably for me, with clothes strewn across it, including a yellow t-shirt with an alligator on it. I changed my shirt because I was so hot [even though there weren't any doors].
  16. Noxius

    Noxius Dreamer

    My dreams are often very realistic and only consist of scenarios that could happen in real life - I come too late to an exam, someone breaks up with me, I meet with my best friend, etc.

    But my stranger dreams get really strange. Especially because m brain really seems to like symbolism, and there, normally pretty clear symbolism.

    For example, there was a time in my life where I met a guy and I though we were a perfect match, and just when I started to get comfortable with him, he suddelny went back to his ex-girlfriend. In this time, I dreamt of said guy, and he gifted me a rose. I was flattered, and the second I reached for it, he just stuffed it into his mouth and ate it :)D)

    Or another time where I felt like I was finally getting somewhere after just.... derping through life for a while without any real goal, I dreamt how I ecaped from a psych ward.

    I'm always fascinated with how clear some of the symbolism in my dreams is. It's like my brain is too lazy to actually make it a bit more cryptic. ^^
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  17. evolution_rex

    evolution_rex Inkling

    Every dream I have is weird. It's so great. I couldn't remember much from my last dream but I do remember that I was on an internet forum called 'Yellow Mellow' that was focused entirely around a single dog named Yellow Mellow. He was a yellowish, small dog who the owner got a puppy and decided to make a forum to document and discuss the dog's life. There was also a link on the forum to some Pokemon website.

    Anyway, I found that 'Yellow Mel' might actually be an interesting name for a fictional character one day.
  18. I keep dreaming about a beach that's inside a room.

    Like, there's this huge room, and there's sand for a floor, and then a shoreline, and water that gets deeper until you wade out to the back wall...There are shells and stuff like a regular beach. But it's in a big room instead of outside.

    I've had this dream like ten or fifteen times I swear.
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  19. May 31, 2017
    I was at a bookstore or library of some kind, and the characters started popping out of the books. One of them was stuck, and I freed her[?], revealing herself to be an elemental [like a fairy] of some kind. Her being trapped in a book reminded me of The Tempest, wherein Ariel the elemental is trapped in a pine tree, and I asked if her name was Ariel. I'm not sure what the answer was. Then I was at an old, country kind of grocery store, with homemade food and such on the shelves. Someone was with me, a kind, gentle someone, and the only thing I can remember about them is that they seemed shiny or glowing in some way. I tried to convince them that getting some gluten free crackers and some cheese was a good idea, but they politely told me no. Suddenly there was another being, though whether it was the elemental from before, I'm not sure. This being was female-ish, with a spindly, thin, greyish body. She shook me around, pushed me to the floor and sat on me, and made me go oddly numb and floppy. Then it switched to third person, looking at my body, as if I was floating around, and embraced the being with my light. She turned back into the elemental, and was also shining with a nice white light. She cried and cried, but I forgave her.
  20. Chekaman

    Chekaman Scribe

    Here are some of the several dreams that I remember.

    I dreamt that Mao Zedong , before he ruled China, was a security guard in a mall and was wanted for beating up a customer, and if he was caught he would be unable to take over the Chinese Communist Party and would never be able to rule China.

    I dreamt that I crept up behind an armed member of the Provisional IRA and kicked him in the bottom and he fell into a harbour weapon and all. I then hid in a barn whilst the furious IRA man, having climbed out again soaking wet and furious, looked for me to murder me.

    I dreamt that I was at a party and I stamped on a family's pet parrot and crushed it underfoot for fun, killing it. (not a nice dream.)

    I dreamt that I was on trial for murder, but it turned out I was just being tried by one of those "sovereign citizen common law courts" in the back of a Denny's. So although I was found guilty and sentenced to between 30 years and life in prison, I just said something like "I don't consent, I am a free man" and walked away and no one tried to stop me. The dream changed and the leader of a fascist party had invited the leaders of some democratic parties to the fascist party conference to offer a coalition government, but it was a trick. When the democratic delegates arrived the fascists picked up large Lawn Darts, and threw them at them. One of the democratic politicians was grabbed by two fascists and then went down with a Lawn Dart embedded in his forehead and I woke up.

    I can only partly remember this dream, but I was on a beach with Taylor Swift, and some rather unfriendly lifeguards who strongly discouraged swimming or boating in the sea.

    I dreamt that I was planning to vandalize my neighbour's lawn for fun.
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