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The dream that turned into a phobia



I don’t really know if it has any potential. I am to close to it to tell if it can or not.
When I was a kid, I got really sick and had a lot of fever. I had this… weird dream that turned into a phobia for the concept of infinite or even very large places.

The wall is in front of me. It’s so high and large and I have a little brush and a little paint bucket with me. Everything is dark. I don’t understand anything. I don’t know if I’m miniaturised or if the wall is giant but I can’t even see the ceiling because of the darkness. I just know one thing: I HAVE to entirely paint this wall. I got super anxious because i have so little paint and my brush is so small. I try to paint as fast as I can. Suddenly, every light turns off. I hear a voice talking about the end of the world, how I’m gonna die as well as everyone I love. Then, the voice starts counting super fast. I can’t even follow the numbers. I wake up crying.

I still remember this nightmare perfectly, even if I was like seven and sooo sick.
When i think again about this nightmare, there are subjects that come to my mind. If you wanna borrow them, feel free to.
I think it was like an entity that was giving me the order to paint the wall, something impossible. Even as fast as I was going, I couldn’t do it so the entity punishes me. Just one entity but so brutal and powerful, no little monsters. Doesn’t even have a face, just a voice.
I’ll see it like an impossible task the hero is obligated to do even if it’s literally impossible and a punishment. It’s vague but if it can give some writers some creative juice, I am happy to.
That sounds like an anxiety dream!

Common in childhood for sure. I used to have similar dreams where everything in a room was extra large and it felt overwhelming. In other dreams I would have to navigate a really steep, almost vertical hill.


The entity counting down fast part gives me anxiety. It sounds horrible. I've had my share of anxiety dreams and it's interesting hearing other people talk about theirs since they seem so tailored to our individual fears.

For a while after my neighbor died, I had dreams where I could still hear his watery cough and/or hear him knocking on my door. Also had one a few days ago where I misplaced my newborn. Ugh.


Yes, it was definitely an anxiety dream and I think caused by high fever.
It was terrifying, now when I think about the universe for example, I feel so scared
It makes me feel less alone about my dream when I read yours. They are all really scary as well


Myth Weaver
Write as a horror novel. Or write it and find a way the hero prevails and over power it.


Write as a horror novel. Or write it and find a way the hero prevails and over power it.
Thank you for the advice, I think I’m just gonna let the prompt here and if someone wants to do something with it, go on!
Writing about them can be a therapeutic activity for sure. I’ve had many a nightmare in my time, but they’re usually related to anxiety or illness.