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  1. Darti120

    What do you think of these fashion inspirations for the looks of some of my characters?

    I am not Filipino. I don't have anything to do with Filipinos. I do not have any Filipino blood within me. I wasn't born or raised in the Philippines. I just want to say that I do not want to culturally appropriate Filipino culture. I am not even Asian or Austronesian. Hello, people! Listen...
  2. J

    Please give me advice on my action adventure supernatural horror novel

    What do you think of my action adventure supernatural horror story novel? This story will be about a supernatural medieval German prince who is a great warrior as a knight. As a knight, he was one of the best martial artists and individual warriors for his time. He is an expert in a form of...
  3. ManinMauve

    The Man in Mauve has arrived

    My username is ManInMauve, as in a man in mauve. I've been dubbed as Manny, and Muuv. So, Manny or Muuv are acceptable (and loved) nicknames. You can also call me, Niall. (Yes, like the singer.) I'm an old fart. A crotchety old fart, but I still love to have fun even when I'm grumpy. (Sort of...
  4. T

    Weird-ish Dream

    I had a weird-ish dream a while back. I woke up in my bed, I was in my apartment and everything seemed very normal. I heard a creaking and rustling in the hallway outside my front door. This was fairly normal, but I get on edge anyways because I am military police and I live on the rough side...
  5. Ankari

    Midnight Mass

    If anyone has access to Netflix, please check out Midnight Mass. What an excellent example of a well plotted and narrated story. Besides the excellent acting, the story is a slow reveal of what the true plot is. Be forewarned, there is tons of blood and gore, but that should be expected in a...
  6. RavenLord

    Here goes nothing ...

    Well, here I go ... God bless Nebraska ... I would like to tell you I am a person who quite often comes up with various ideas and stories. I mostly tell them in my head and barely finish any of those. I thought to myself its just my silly imagination. Though about 2 years ago I decided to write...
  7. Some of my Fantasy/Scifi/Humour works

    Some of my Fantasy/Scifi/Humour works

    I've been churning cra... er, highly intelligent writing for a while now, so thought I'd share some of it here. Why not already. I mostly write fantasy and scifi, though with some tongue in cheek humour thrown in as well. Also some works that are quite adult. And I don't generally hold...
  8. The Artifact

    The Artifact

    (Trigger warning: this story mentions suicide) My Dearest Elaine, This letter may be short, as I am unsure of my remaining hours. Even now, my desire for death is so great that it seems inevitable. I’ve locked myself in my quarters in hopes of staving off these impulses, but I know that these...
  9. The Crittenden Chronicles

    The Crittenden Chronicles

    This portfolio is to help me branch out and share my stories and poems with a more like-minded audience. It will consist of poetry and flash fiction; some unpublished, some published on my website. If you have any questions or want to talk about one of my pieces, message me! I'd love to chat. :)
  10. Bear

    Strange Events Even for an Apocalypse new release

    Hello! Back in 2011 I released Extinction Chronicles. The collection of stories contained a short story titled The Observer. In 2012, a prequel, A Breath Before Sunrise expanded on the world and introduced new elements to the storyline. Strange Events Even for an Apocalypse details the...
  11. rhd

    A World of Horror - Amazon Giveaway!!

    Hi guys, my editor is having an Amazon giveaway for a copy of our anthology A World of Horror. Here's the link to the book: http://a.co/d/ebJSaX6 Click on this link to participate: Amazon Giveaways This is the Goodreads page if you want to have a look: A World of Horror by Eric J. Guignard...
  12. Bear

    Have some book videos for two older stories I wrote

    Extinction Chronicles A Breath Before Sunrise The stories are available at various online places. I personally prefer the iBooks versions. The videos are just a marketing tool. They actually ended up being better than I thought,
  13. Summons of the Majestic Book Cover

    Summons of the Majestic Book Cover

    This is the front cover for my debut fantasy novel, Summons of the Majestic, recently released by Mirror Matter Press.