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  1. T

    Weird-ish Dream

    I had a weird-ish dream a while back. I woke up in my bed, I was in my apartment and everything seemed very normal. I heard a creaking and rustling in the hallway outside my front door. This was fairly normal, but I get on edge anyways because I am military police and I live on the rough side...
  2. Valen

    I have this dream I can never forget, because if I do, I'll have it again.

    Im a duck. More importantly, a roblox duck. One of these bad boys: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcTEdHyKQ85OwQfpqhubt0S20O3FGxHkx2tbjWp4K7zPRiiQlIPE&usqp=CAU Anywho, I wake up in the dream and Im frozen. A door opens and I leave a cold room that has icicles on the...
  3. P

    My Dreams

    While I'm sure I have dreams regularly, I've had only a few that I can remember with any clarity. I'll list them here, and any dreams I may have in the future that I find worth logging. 1. Ronin Ronin felt like a western. Everything was sepia tone and gritty, but - as the name suggests -...
  4. K

    My dream

    I always have dreams that I’m in a zombie apocalypse not really fantasy more like gore?? Lol but that’s the only “nightmares” I have. The one strange dream I had was I was in a room with no escape and these clowns started coming out of the walls. Most of my dreams I can’t remember. What do...