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My Dreams

Discussion in 'The Dreamscape' started by Phlegethon, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Phlegethon

    Phlegethon New Member

    While I'm sure I have dreams regularly, I've had only a few that I can remember with any clarity. I'll list them here, and any dreams I may have in the future that I find worth logging.

    1. Ronin
    Ronin felt like a western. Everything was sepia tone and gritty, but - as the name suggests - took place in what looked like feudal Japan. The titular character was a lone save for a single person who seemed to be following them through the village they were passing. Both wore similar outfits; long, dark kimonos with what looked like white undershirts of some kind, and they appeared to be carrying swords on their hips as well. The Ronin, however, wore a shade, and this alone made him stand out to me as the main character. Eventually, the Ronin grows tired of being followed and confronts his stalker with a drawn blade. The sword is the only true color in the dream; bright, vibrant orange, constructing itself from light as it exits its sheath. The dream ends before the weapon is fully drawn. I had this dream when I was very, very young - between eight and ten years old, I don't remember the exact date.

    2. An Ordinary Day
    Though not quite as vivid in my memory anymore as the Ronin dream, I remember this one in particular for the effect it had on me the following day as to opposed to the actual events. What I dreamed of was just an ordinary day at school. I woke up, I had breakfast, I got on the bus, went to my classes, back on the bus, home, sleep - when I woke up, I assumed it was Saturday. Much to my surprise I had to go through my Friday again, and even more to my surprise was the intense deja vu I felt. Though I cannot recall any specific events, I seem to remember my teacher saying many things I remember her saying in the dream, as do I remember the events at home following school transpiring more or less the same. Very peculiar, though I eventually dismissed it out of my mind. I was... fifteen or sixteen when this happened.

    3. The Holmesian Academy for Galactic Explorers and Budding Detectives
    Once upon a time I thought it would be neat to become a super-detective like Sherlock Holmes. I also thought it would be neat to visit other planets and document life. Apparently, at some point, my subconscious mixed the two. This started as a trip to some sort of nature preserve, or highly advanced observatory; we could mingle with the native fauna without so much as causing a ripple in the water so long as we stayed in the guidelines. The world we looked upon was rocky, but great rivers and streams flowed from granite slabs polished glossy by the endless flow of water coming from within. I remember seeing some sort of long-finned fish swimming in the water. The class that I was with were standing about and observing as the instructor lectured us on something I can't quite remember, then I realized my father was there around the time he opted to push me in to a particularly fast-flowing stream like the jerkface that he is.

    I cannot remember exactly what transpired next to end us up there, but the class arrived at the doorstep of a mansion that was either undergoing renovations or had been abandoned during auction. White sheets hung from scaffolding and furniture to keep off the dead leaves and dirty dust that had invaded in the absence of tenants. Apparently, we were there investigating something - I remember I thought the grounds being particularly lifeless was peculiar, but opted to look up in the mansion's tower (because mansions have towers) for - reasons.

    There was a heavy tapestry up there, and a small table with a picture of a person I don't remember clearly sitting on it and what appeared to be a bullet. I picked up the bullet and saw that its head was not copper, but gold - so I picked at it, peeled it back, saw something peculiar, so I dropped it in a glass of water I apparently had and shook it about. The gold dissolved, revealing the bullet to be made of cheese. I remember VERY clearly thinking in the dream; "It's made of cheese."

    I have no idea.

    Well - suddenly there's a train and I'm on it. The boxcar I'm in is shaking violently side to side. My dad's nowhere to be found, I seem to realize, and then - the back of the boxcar tears out. Darkness coalesces in to a western rider in a long, dark coat and a hat with a brim so wide that with head tilted I couldn't see his eyes. The horse he rode was restless and shuffled anxiously until its red eyes saw me - then, it drew itself up, not in rearing, but as if to make itself appear as statuesque as possible. The rider lifted the brim of his hat until a single tear in the fabric revealed a glowing yellow-and-orange eye underneath, and the scowling face of a pale man with salt-and-pepper five o'clock shadow. He scowled at me and went for his pistol. I woke up around this time. I came up with the name just now, nothing in the dream really prompted it. This dream came over a decade ago, while I was still in school.

    4. The Truth
    I try to make it no secret that I am a fan of Shonen anime, particularly those with extreme action and drama intermixed. This dream is much like one of these Japanese shows; the main character is an Asian schoolboy of wild raven hair and black uniform facing down a skyscraper-sized bio-mechanical monstrosity in a wasteland that I assume was once a civilized world. The boy's right arm is made of the same technology as the enormous monster he is fighting, though despite the size disparity he seems to be significantly stronger. After a few brief moments showing our main character winning the fight with little to no effort, the monster begins to dissolve as if rotting. Great shreds of metal peel away like fibers of ancient cloth, falling to the ground to reveal a cube of polished bronze floating center of its 'chest.'

    The cube pulses with a labyrinth of green-and-orange lines. It descends to the ground slowly, and as it lands opens its face to reveal the monster's 'pilot' standing inside. He wears a white suit from head to toe designed similarly to a straitjacket built for a mummy, but bears a graphite-colored mask of a face twisted in despair. The huge, lightbulb-shaped helmet he wears covers the mask's nose with a gold sealing band and the eyes in glass, seeming to provide some kind of... climate control, or - maybe even control of the monster. Many tubes connect in to it through ports big and small, all lined with gold. These tubes detach when he steps out to confront the boy, who seems to recognize this person - and is so shocked by seeing them that he freezes in place with eyes wide and mouth hanging agape. The masked pilot says; "Now I will reveal to you the truth." He sounded exactly like Christopher Lee. This was when I woke up. I had this dream nearly a year ago.

    Those are the truly vivid dreams that I can remember having so far in my life. I took great pains to try and remember most of them after having them, but there are still a lot of hazy details. I'll try to update this post as any more dreams come to mind, but as it stands, these are the ones that I can recall the most clearly right off the top of my head.

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