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Is it controversial having a demon being and angel being mate?

All that said, controversy can be good--gets people talkin', gets people thinkin', even gets people readin'...
But what if it gets too much controversy?

The same can probably be said for allmost all popular books. Gather enough readers and someone will find something to complain about.
I can understand that and bound to happen.

But before then, just write the book. No one cares about what you put down on paper before you publish it. So just write the book.
Think you're right. It can't hurt to try.
I don't agree with the level of disregard that some posters seem to advocate, but I do agree that in the end you need to be confident in your own creation.
Once I feel confident about it, I'll feel less limited. I know I can't expect to avoid all controversy.

You should be not be afraid to challenge beliefs. You cant get ppl to even agree what color the sky is.
I have to agree.

A book that avoids controversy has nothing to say. And one who pursues that has given up part of their own spirit to pursue an unworthy goal. Be you first.

This is why i will avoid this thread. You put too much weight in this poor notion that it matters if i dont like it.

Controversy is good. It will help sell your books. Good luck with it.
I'm sorry for that. I wasn't directing it towards you that I'm concerned specifically what you think of it, I was merely focused on the many that will feel the same because I can guarantee there are many who will agree with you. Fantasy based around religion is not always going to be an easy ride.


If two presentations of good and evil end up working together and are capable of producing an offspring, who inherits both magics, will this rise some issues?
Depends. If we talking classic angel x demon no. Light mage x dark mage type where they are each a species with emotions and such eh up to you there.


That actually sounds really interesting. My story has demons in it too, but I've never considered them mating with angels. This is a cool idea.