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I'm writing a prequel and I need a title

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by Lynea, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. Lynea

    Lynea Sage

    Hey guys,

    If anyone would like to pitch an idea for a title, that would be awesome. In general, my book series is called Tales from Lorianthil. The first book is titled The Dark of Eolnir, book two is The Song of Eolnir, book three is War on Darkness. Since those ideas have already been laid down, I've started dabbling in this prequel story that sets some important groundwork for the main stories. The only trouble is, I can't figure out a decent title for it. Essentially, the prequel is a strung-out love story. The conflict involves things like long-distance separation, difference of status, different career paths...you know, stuff that keeps two soul-mates from being together.

    Anyway, some title ideas would be most helpful :)
  2. Night Gardener

    Night Gardener Inkling

    Words like forlon, yearning, languish, bereft, dolor, melancholy might work?

    Any combination of character names and the above words might work, too. Like a "Tristan & Isolde".
  3. The Dark One

    The Dark One Auror

    I wouldn't worry about it.

    Just go with a working title for now. The true title will occur to you during the writing.
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  4. OberonLordofSylva

    OberonLordofSylva Troubadour

    How about "Sorrow of Eolnir?" it fits the theme you've established with the other titles and provides somewhat of a hook. The reader will pick it up, see the title, know it's a tragedy of some sort, and skim it to see if it's worth his/her/xer time and money. Bingo potential reader! Plus it sounds cool
  5. WooHooMan

    WooHooMan Auror

    "Between the Valley and the Peak"? I don't know.

    On principle, I never use proper nouns in a title and I tend to encourage other fantasy writers to avoid it.

    The imagery I think of when reading your little synopsis is the image of someone being at the bottom of a mountain while their lover is at the top. This ties into the long-distance thing but it can also be a metaphor for differing class or status. Plus, you mentioned them being on different paths and in this analogy, one person would be traveling up and the other would be traveling down.
    Also, it's a play of sorts on the idiom "between a rock and a hard place" which means a dilemma or in a seemingly no-win situation.
  6. WickGreenwood

    WickGreenwood Dreamer

    The Miles Between Us
  7. ShadeZ

    ShadeZ Maester

    Lament/dying cry/swan song/Regrets of _____ your second story is song of eolnir and the first and second feature dark or darkness. So just going with a pattern it could feature song or the opposite of song like above it could also be Melody/Ballad/Battle hymn/Warcries of ______.

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