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Discussion in 'Marketing' started by Demesnedenoir, Jul 6, 2018.

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    Definitely a good deal :)
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    Interesting... I pulled back ads big time so the click count is down, but sold three digital copies to Australia overnight on a $2/day ad set. That would get about 15 clicks. To sell three books off that # clicks is of course possible, but feels odd.

    Also, sales of digital have not fallen off with the drop in ad $ as I expected. It's holding slow and steady. Of course that could change, the sampling so far is too small. but it is hopeful.
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    Are you doing anything in particular to get KU reads, or is it happening just from advertising the book?

    I've not done any advertising at all and got 6 page reads in total across two books. Hoping that will change once I do start advertising though.
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    I am using KU as my "free giveaway" basically. I'm not putting a price anywhere in the ad and hammering home the point: FREE on Kindle Unlimited. I basically see the cash sales as a side effect of KU ads rather than the other way around. But of course, it's really gunning for both. In FB you can also target people who like Kindle or ereaders, or what have you... which tends to be a large number, and then refine it down. I've played with that back and forth and don't see any noticeable click difference.

    Now in the land down under I about fell off my chair last night but instead just retargeted the ad to all women. EoS was running .09/click for the ladies, and .22/click for men. And tacked on 3 digital sales overnight with hardly any spend. Today I'm seeing if that will scale up a bit, but my ads have tended to do well in Australia for whatever reason... Aussie and US are the markets reacting least expensive.
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    Early results... because my ad has been so good with women, but not so much with men, I photoshopped a graphic from shutterstock and... early early early returns are .11/click with men. If that holds, It'd be the best ad for men I've cobbled together.

    That is purely an image change, BTW.

    I also wonder if "Eve of Snows" is being read as a woman, rather than a holiday like Christmas Eve. Hard to say.
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