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Introducing myself


I am glad to be part of Mythic Scribes, it is a wonderful website.
I have decided to give a brief intoductiong of myself here.
I am currantly working on my first story. It is a fantasy story (Obiously) and my main purpose in joining this website is to get the answers I need to get my world and story, off the ground.
Some of my favorite fantasy books are
Lord of the Rings
Chronicules of Narnia
Door Within Trilogy

Hopefully I didn't mispell to much in this intro:)


Myth Weaver
Welcome, Phietadix! I hope you like it here. There are plenty of answers to be found. :)


Myth Weaver
Hello Phietadix
You should find lots of advice and support here as well as a few distraction [in a nice way].
I hadn't heard of the Door within trilogy... must go and look.