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Introducing Myself


Hello all,

My name is Loni, though I do respond to Risu. My obsession for the past year+ has been improving my writing craft. I'm currently reading The Passage by Justin Cronin and I'm open to reading all venues of books, but my long time love belongs to people like Terry Pratchett, Piers Anthony, and Terry Brooks. I enjoy web-development and am a Java programmer by trade, but in my spare time (which is scarce between work and family), I have a fixation on writing and a hobby of pencil sketching.

I look forward to making friends, reading wonderful stories, and sharing feedback.



Myth Weaver
Welcome Loni
Nice to meet you.
I do web-dev as part of my day job but I gave up on enjoying it about a decade ago:D
you should find lots of people and topics to engage with here.


Thank you for the welcome! I think it's the non-required web-dev I enjoy most, like playing around with jQuery for my personal website or messing around with styles. My latest somewhat-webish related venture: figuring out ePUBs! Who knew they were HTML in disguise? :)

Anyways, I have already poked around and have seen many interesting people and topics. I think this'll be a fun place.


Be welcome! I used to work with web (jQuery is fun, but I also liked to play with PHP, besides the front-end develop, of course). I ran away from this industry some years ago, haha, only occasionally creating some personal site or something for friends now.


Thank you again for the warm welcome! I've been poking around posts and I admit, I haven't felt this giddy about joining a forum since the days when Sliders was still broadcasting season 2! *claps excitedly*

Caged Maiden

Article Team
Welcome to the scribes! This is a pretty awesome place to hang out and there's loads of great resources here. You can find crit partners, get feedback and enjoy the articles if you're improving your craft solo. Let us know how we can help.