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I just started writing fiction to get a break from my academic writing. I find it very relaxing and decided to join the forum now that I have finished the first 10.000 words of a novel. (First draft)

The story is about Lily and Izzy along with a cast of supporting characters. They grew up abandoned by their families in an orphanage. When the orphanage runs out of money they face the possibility of being separated and Izzy presents a plan to run away from the St. mary`s orphanage. The same time one of the girls in St. Mary`s never returned the night before they were supposed to leave.

Izzy and Lily set up in an old workshop in the abandoned industrial district of Misty Peaks. Here they quickly find out that putting food on the table is difficult for two fourteen year old`s who need to lay low. Lily goes foraging for berries in the late autumn. In the forest she hears her name. And to her shock finds the missing girl Jenny. Her platina blonde hair being unmistakable from the back, standing in the lake enveloped by fog. As she get`s closer Jenny turns around and her face twists and contorts into a wide jaw with rows of teeth like rose thorns.

Blinking it`s huge wide eyes it said in Jenny`s voice "Will you be the one I seek?"

The story is a mix of Supernatural and Burn Notice. Lily will have to learn to master her magical abilities and be careful not to push their limits.
I am new to this and look to improve, so I guess I will be looking back and cringing with the rest of you when I have developed the skill necessary to do so. But I do appreciate the feedback I surely will be getting from those kind enough to take the time to read my slush pile.


Hello and welcome :) Your story reminds me a lot of one of my friends' books (not yet published), about two displaced teens trying to survive in a strange world. Keep on writing!