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Is there a way to delete my account?

Discussion in 'Ask the Staff' started by Gurkhal, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Gurkhal

    Gurkhal Archmage

    Just wondering. I am realizing that I'll never get to where I want with writing so that maybe I should stop kicking myself and let go of it. And therefor I wonder about the possibility to delete my account on this site?
  2. Ban

    Ban Sir Laserface Article Team

    If you really want to you could try and contact one of the moderators, but why would you want to delete your account over what could be a temporary setback? There is nothing wrong with writing as a hobby or even stopping with writing altogether, but future you might want to check in every now and again on this forum, and wouldn't be a bit of a shame to have to start over?
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  3. Gurkhal, with all due respect, the only question that matters is do you LOVE WRITING?

    If the answer is yes, you should, by all means, take some time and step away but don't toss away something you love over the relentless inner critic telling you that you'll never get where you want to be.

    I've been there, many times, when I was younger. The one thing I want to share is that, of the things I gave up, I went back to all of them at some point down the road. What changed when I did was that I stopped putting pressure on myself to succeed at them (by any definition other than fully and wholeheartedly enjoying myself doing them!) That's not to say that wanting to achieve success in anything is bad — but putting a time limit on it IS.

    Writing is, in my opinion. one of the few things that there are no limits to becoming better at. But there is also no set time frame for seeing that improvement in any of us. It's no guarantee of any sort of success or income making ability either but the actual attainment of improvement is within almost everyone's reach.

    Perhaps you're putting too much pressure on yourself? Perhaps a simple reworking of the timeframe you first envisioned for yourself or making one if you didn't have a solid, written down version to begin with. Include lots of small goals along the way. Set yourself up for more successes than failures by easing up on yourself and enjoy the pleasure of it more.

    All that said, whatever you decide, I hope the days ahead are filled with the pursuits of what you love and that you'll follow your passions wherever they may lead.
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  4. pmmg

    pmmg Auror

    You know....I've not written anything worth bragging about in many years. My big story is very stalled, one due to lack of direction, and two due to lack of the time to write. To say its been floating in pieces in my head for 10 or more years is probably not stating the time justly. In that time, another story floating into my head, and I've not even started on it.

    But just last weekend, I took a long trip to NJ, and during the trip all of sudden the disconnected pieces of my story lined up and I saw just how it should go. And even though I feel I may have the problem solved, I am still kicking around in school, and I want to change jobs, and I need to teach my son to drive a car. Which means, it may be a year still before I really have to time write something. And yes...it bothers me often. But you know, I am aware I am not as productive as I would like, but give it up? Nope... We'll just call it on hold for a while longer.
  5. skip.knox

    skip.knox toujours gai, archie Moderator

    I can't delete accounts as a mod. Maybe it's something only the Dragon can do. I echo the others in saying why not just walk away. If the accounts is deleted, so are all the messages, and that voice is lost to the community forever, and that would be a shame.

    Also, even were you to delete your account, you'd still be able to kick yourself, so ...
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  6. Miles Lacey

    Miles Lacey Sage

    Are you sure you want to go down that path?

    My fictional writing has ground to a complete halt. No matter how much I try I just cannot seem to get anywhere with it. What little fictional writing I have done has been panned uniformly as terrible. Even my ideas expressed here seem to suck big time. It would be easy to pack it in and give up - something I have thought about a lot lately - but who knows what might happen further down the line? Having just turned 50 on November 2nd I am questioning even my very existence because I have nothing to show for half a century of life. I'm at the very bottom of the socio-economic ladder and am currently living in a caravan and it's not by choice. Yet, as long as there is a lined piece of paper that I have the urge to fill with words I will be here.

    My advice is to keep the account open just in case you change your mind. A lot can happen in a year.
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  7. CelestialGrace

    CelestialGrace Minstrel

    At the end of 2016 I was in a really bad way - and I contemplated deleting & throwing away any unpublished writing (drafts, ideas, the lot). I thought that was it; it had been a long struggle for too long (due to shitty life circumstances and my mental health). But some small part of me held off - and a few days later the damn broke. I'm still struggling with shitty life circumstances and my mental health, but for the most part my words have not stopped flowing since. I'm nowhere near being a successful writer but my words have gone on to help others. So long story short, maybe step back. Pack things away safely. Log out of the account for a while. But don't do anything permanent. Go get the juices and ideas flowing again. And good luck.
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  8. Gurkhal

    Gurkhal Archmage

    I'm very sorry to hear it can't be deleted by forum rules. But oh well.
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  9. Black Dragon

    Black Dragon Staff Administrator

    If you really want your account deleted, send me a private message. It would be a shame to see you go, as you are a beloved member of our community. You would be missed.

    Also, deleting your account is permanent. There's no way to bring it back. I suggest taking some time off, and getting some perspective, before taking such a drastic step. If you decide never to come back, that's your prerogative. But if the account still exists, you will at least have the option to return someday.
  10. skip.knox

    skip.knox toujours gai, archie Moderator

    Also, if the account gets deleted, what happens to the threads? In some forum software, those messages disappear, leaving weird gaps in conversations, and threads that are started by Account Deleted.
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  11. There's usually 2 options to chose from. Either leave the posts in place or remove them. Leaving them in place normally changes the poster to something like "guest".
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