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blog Lessons from the Punisher

Discussion in 'Film & Television' started by Ankari, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Ankari

    Ankari Hero Breaker Moderator

    Ankari submitted a new blog post:

    Lessons from the Punisher
    by Kassan Warrad


    I’m a fan of grit. Stories that occupy the space between dark and light call to me. It is here that we find failure, redemption, struggle and pain. It is here that the bright spots float in a vacuum, and are that much brighter for it.

    The Punisher is my kind of character. Since his debut In Daredevil I knew Marvel had a character that, if written correctly, could offer emotional payoff to anyone who enjoys sacrificing their hearts on an altar of pain.

    The Punisher is good. A few things in it are excellent, a few things are distracting, but the entirety of it is enjoyable and worthy for any writer to use as a learning tool. I’ll do my best to dissect the Punisher and share my experience with you without completely spoiling the story. But be forewarned, I cannot avoid spoiling a few things.

    The Great


    The Punisher does something so well, the entire story rides its momentum; empathy. Yes, Frank Castle is a killer. Yes, his past is checkered. Yes, his deflecting of accountability is reprehensible. But all of this is forgiven because we see his love for his wife and family. We see snippets of his internal conflict between leaving his family of marines for his domestic family. In the end, he chose his domestic family over his brothers in the military. He gave up half of himself for his wife and children, and that is...
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  2. Black Dragon

    Black Dragon Staff Administrator

    How does the new Punisher television series compare to the 2004 film that featured Thomas Jane and John Travolta? Is it more faithful to the source material?
  3. pmmg

    pmmg Auror

    I don't know how faithful it is to the source material, but I just happened to see both (Netflix). The movie is not very good, the TV series has me wanting to see what happens next. Both of them seem to be passing on the skull T-shirt though, guess it does not play as well. I would say the movie version was pretty much a template script, the show does not start in the world before the fam is killed, but after and they are shown as dark memories that haunt him. It does show a lot more of his life as a marine. I don't think I would recommend the movie to anyone.
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  4. Devor

    Devor Fiery Keeper of the Hat Moderator

    I don't remember seeing the old movie. The Netflix series raises the violence from gangs (which we saw him fight in Daredevil season 2) to a large government conspiracy drawn around his time in the military. The comics didn't do that - he goes from gangs to villains. But the character development is solid, and I would say is true to the original character. I don't know how Micro compares; in the series he's a bit more desperate than I expected. I should note, my exposure to both characters before the series is limited.
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  5. Ankari

    Ankari Hero Breaker Moderator

    Good luck Tyrean. I'm also trying my hand at a super hero story. I'm focused more on the character and his internal conflict. I hope to capture the struggles I'd think most heroes battle when the world depends on them to save them over and over again. Not to mention the struggles of every day life.

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