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Let's start with, hello.


Hello to anybody who reads this! I'm Moona and I found this awesome forum while looking for a place to discuss fantasy writing. I'm just a simply grocery worker that plays god over the lives of my characters. For the last three years I've built the idea for my story up further and further, but I've hit a snag. Honestly I am the type of writer that wings it and writes as I go. Never have I been able to manage an outline I stick to. I know what I want for the beginning, middle, and end of my first series...generally. However I can never figure out how to start this tale. If anyone has any advice on how you should start a first person perspective fantasy book I would appreciate it!


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I've got no idea how to start, it just happens. Maybe think of it not as a starting point, but a point to continue from.

Oh, also, welcome to the forums. :)
Welcome Moona!

Well, one of the best things I've tried of late was after hearing Victoria Schwab say she often works out her stories backwards from the ending . It doesn't always work for me but, when I am stuck, especially on beginnings, it often gives me perspective. The reason, I suspect, is that we often want our endings and beginnings to tie together is some way, so knowing where that ending is in greater detail right from the start can inspire ideas for the where and when of a beginning, if that makes sense. Best of luck and, again, welcome!


Hey! I've been reading a great book about story beginnings! From what I've read so far, the main things to focus on in the beginning is letting your readers know what your story is going to be about including genre cues, introducing the protagonist so the readers know its the protagonist, making them likable or admirable or relatable in some way, showing what is unique about your story that may set it apart from others, make sure it is grounded in your setting. There must be narrative thrust, action that moves the story further, a hook that makes the reader want to continue not just to chapter two, but page two. Hope this helps :):)