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Looking for fantasy art submissions

I am running a steampunk fantasy blog in which a naturalist is chronicling his search for the elusive Equues unicornis. During his journey he recalls other adventures, such as hunting down the Mongolian Death Worm or interviewing merpeople. Eventually he is going to met a woman named Hehewuti, who will describe to him the various species of unicornis. (ie a forest unicorn, or a cherry blossom unicorn, or a desert unicorn). You can see the blog here.

I am looking for fantasy artists who want to share their work on the blog. For example, if you have a drawing of Nessy, the lochness monster, that you don't know what to do with, I would be more than happy to put it up with your name and a link to your website (if you have one). I cannot pay you for your artwork, but it would be free exposure and you would retain the copyright to it. (there will be a contract)

With your drawing I would write up a journal entry from the naturalist's point of view. See this blog post to know what I'm talking about. Eventually I will be looking for unique type of unicorn drawings, but right now it is all other cryptid creatures. Also if you see a blog post that is already published that you would like to produce a piece of work for please feel free to submit for that also. Currently I have only one original drawing in the posts, other the other work is via public domain Wikipedia images, so they are all up for grabs. If you have a really obscure cryptid creature you want highlighted, any information you can send along with the image would be helpful. I will of course do my own research as well.

Eventually I may turn the blog into a large print book, depending on how it works out. If that does happen I will get in touch with you about adding your drawing to the book and all of the copyright/royalty details. (It would be some time before that would happen.)

My website statistics are: the website gets over 200 unique new visitors monthly and the blog gets anywhere from 500-900 visits per month depending on how much I post. I only post a few times a month, because it is more of a storyboard rather than an info blog, and it is something I am doing for fun. I did have two partners (visual artists) for the venture, but they are both in art school and so although they have a lot of ideas, they do not really execute them. So I am spreading out the net and opening the blog up to submissions from all artists. You can contact me at my email put in the subject line, "fantasy art submission"

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you.


You could try the deviantart forums. There are some good artists offering commissions (occasionally you can get art for free.)