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Lurking no more...

Helloes :3

Not really sure what to say, now. >.>

Well, I guess I can start by how I found you guys. I was curious if there were any communities for world-builders out there; hobbyists or more serious writers. and that's when I found this place. :3

My writing history started when I began to roleplay in MMO-games like World of Warcraft, until I grew out of one-liners and moved on to roleplaying forums; both general and with pre-established worlds, etc... And that's how I discovered that I really liked to write stories -and- create worlds on top of it too. ^^

My username is known throughout a couple of roleplaying sites in case it seems familiar. It sort of became my pen name. But you guys can also call me Mel. :3


P.S = Is there a way to change my background to something darker? The white parts hurt my head and eyes. ;__;


Myth Weaver
Hail and well met ImaginationGoneWild [aka Mel]
Good to have you here.
Sorry don't know about the backgrounds thing.