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Time to stop lurking in the background!!!!

Hiding in the shadows, drawing inspiration from some delightful comments throughout the forum, I have now decided to step into the light. Join up, make a statement and move with the times.

Hello to the scribes. Where to begin............
My first post on a writing forum and just after clicking the post button, noticed I had forgot to put a space between 'lurking' and 'in'. Nice start Ginger :)


Oh I do that all the time. The number of times I've proof-read something, then posted it - or if it's an essay, submitted it - and then, when it's too late to change it, notice a stupid error.

Welcome to Mythic Scribes, Ginger. You have already seen what we do here, so now it's our turn to see what you can do. I look forward to seeing your insightful posts!


Hi Ginger. It sure seems that this is a friendly place, so here I am being friendly.
I joined just three days ago, but have been shown more support than in the last ten years,
on the "outside" world. This, I can work with. I hope you reach your goals.
Thanks for fixing the typo BD, hopefully no one saw the mistake. D'oh I mentioned it in my second post :)

Thank you for the warm welcome everyone


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"...I suspect that we are going to have lots of fun together then..." replied the goblin in his welcome now, while outside the cold had descended to the point where the bristro almost seemed besieged by it, so casting his thoughts elsewhere the goblin returned to the welcome now, saying "...so you want to write books where your readers increasingly want to read and reply to posts instead, where you can fight the tide of this reality as many writers do with dollops of flat denial and blind hope, or instead you can use this rising tide to your own ends doing both now, or again like me you can just write in your posts alone...", merely the goblin was pointing out that if one thinks of this forum as yet another dime a dozen writer's workshop for better book-writing whatever, as perhaps the majority of those newly turned up here might be thinking, moreover expecting too, then their aspirations will not be met here, however, if instead of that they then see this forum as a forum between writers and as a showroom to their readers, then perhaps, and perhaps then alone too, one might suddenly feel butterfies at the close proximity of one's awaiting audience around one here, so the goblin smiled, saying "...so how does it feel to be on stage then, grow accustomed to being a persona now, and welcome to this forum of that vast forumland beyond, and to one's short life of livewriting upon it..."


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