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Sometimes I write fiction. When not, I’m a normal human being. More or less.

Eduardo Ficaria

Hello to you, oh mythic scribers! May I present myself? Eduardo Letavia is my pen name, and I share the taste for storytelling with you. In the mortal realm I happen to be a middled-aged software developer, but we all know well that that is but a charade. Like you, I realized that there were strange tales lurking in my mind, waiting for their chance to be brought to the light, demanding to be true to my hidden nature!

Still, I must confess that I haven't been constant in the writing arts as of late... The mortal life can distract you so easily sometimes! So here I am, hoping that by joining you, my fellow scribers, my hands find easier to be steady on the task of creating new fantastic tales.

Before ending this introduction, I think is fair to let you know that I have a little real experience about writing. I've worked in some blogs in the past, and a tiny number of my short stories have been published in less-than-scarcely known short story anthologies.

Well, enough of me! Hope to read you soon!