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Meg the Healer

Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum. I'm excited about getting my writing out there. I've always been rather nervous about showing my work to anyone, but I know I need other people's input - if I'm ever going to get my novels finished. I appreciate all the constructive criticism you can offer.


Since I've been reading other people's intros - I realized, I didn't really introduce myself. (Apparently I'm a little slow on the uptake here....but better late than never).

So, my name is Megan and I'm twenty-nine years old. I have held two jobs since I was 16 and at one point I held as many as 5 jobs at the same time. (I have always counted school as a job - because it was something I had to do). I've had an interesting variety of jobs, I worked for Plant Nursery for a few years when I was younger, though my recent stints have been a Bridal Consultant (that wasn't pretty), a receptionist, a telecommunications service coordinator, an office manager, a customer service rep (for the same Bridal store, once we determined I was too brutally honest), and interned at publishing company when I was in college and was in charge of setting up book signings.

Currently I work for a Telecommunications company where I am VP of Admin and I work Part-Time as a Licensed Massage Therapist (hence my call tag - that and Meg the Healer is part of the Celtic Goddess Pantheon who was a famous healer of the Highlands who healed both Humans and Faeries.)

I am in love with travelling and every 4-5 years I take a trip overseas. I went to the British Isles in High School, Greece and Turkey in College, and two years ago I went to Ireland and I desperately want to go back! It was absolutely beautiful.

I've been writing the same novel (I think) for about 10 years and it keeps evolving as I do. I think I've finally "settled" on an idea and story lay-out, now it's just overcoming the procrastination of writing it. I look forward to all feedback and I try to offer feedback as well. I can be brutally honest at times but unless you're asking for my absolute honest opinion - I try to stay about from the brutality and just try to give tips on what needs to improve or be clarified, but I always find something positive about any work. I realize we don't all write the same thing, so what you may write I may not be interested in reading but that doesn't mean I won't give my opinion if asked and I expect that's true for each of you.

So that's me in a very large nut-shell.
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Black Dragon

Hey Meg!

We're glad to have you here. We'll look forward to reading some of your stuff in the future.

What sort of projects have you been working on lately?
I'm actually working on a project called The Last Prophecy. I've pretty much decided that it would be a triology. I've actually put up part of the First Chapter in the Showcase. I'd appreciate any advice or if anyone would like to read what I have written. I've gotten the first four chapters done at the moment. But then my mind wandered off to another section of the story that I wanted to write down before I forgot.

I'm finding the hardest part of writing is the actual writing part. I get (to me) awesome ideas but the prospect of writing it all down....just makes me procrastinate sometimes. I'm getting better though!


Welcome, Meg the Healer!

I'm sure it'll turn out that you write beautifully. I cast no doubt that everyone needs encouragement, inspiration and a critic here and there, even the 'best' of authors.(They may very well have had the best of constructive criticism and willingness to interpret it as such.)

We are all here to offer just that!


Welcome! I'm very scared of showing my writing to others, but I must at some point, so I hope this website will get me to do so as well! Hopefully we can both be brave, but if I'm a coward, let me cheer for you from my hidden corner of shame!
Yes, but I am still scared... oh well, maybe I'll eventually submit my work for real to a publisher! Whee! You too of course! Whee!

Which is what brought up my suggestion of having a publishing section....so when the time comes, we know places that are more readily accepting of our type of style.

Plus, there's nothing wrong with a healthy dose of fear.....I learn that every time I'm watching a scary movie and my cat suddenly looks behind me. I'm still pretty sure, that Anubis has it in for me. (He's conspiring with the dog!) hee hee. :)

BJ Swabb

Hello there! Welcome! Glad to have you hear. I would love to read some of your stuff. Sounds interesting. I have been writing since 2017, but been working on this long series project for three years now. I am impressed that you took 10 years to develop everything and create it in that long of a time. I am one who creates as I write. Although I have made my complete outline of every chapter, and did all descriptions of characters and world building, I write what comes to me for the series but sticking with my outline of course. Anyways I have written out ten volumes of my series so far, which is actually a lot in three years. And it is all written by hand, and only the first draft. I have currently written the second draft of Volume One and placed some chapters in my portfolio of it, and is currently working on typing up Volume Two. Figured I should type up what I have so far before I continue any further. Anyways I am here to help any way I can, and would like to have help as well. That's what we are all here for right? Anyways nice meeting you!