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Men, manhood and manliness

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Svrtnsse, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Ophiucha

    Ophiucha Auror

    I talk about womanhood a lot with my friends, but usually it's in a specific and dismal sort of way where we're venting to each other about something in our lives. Bosses who are being a jack*** about maternity leave, men catcalling us (we live in a city, so even the least attractive of us have this happen once or twice a week), that sort of thing. It generally leads us to talking about being women in the workplace or in public, how we present our femininity, etc.. It's not like we sit down and say 'so what does it mean to be a woman?', but I think as women, it is a significant enough part of our lives that our conversations veer to it.

    I do have the conversation 'what does it mean to be a woman?' too, of course, but only at meetings for LGBT and feminist groups I'm a part of. Definitely not with the same girls I talk Game of Thrones and shoe sales with, though.
  2. Scribble

    Scribble Archmage

    Meetup.com is how I do it. I also belong to a group called "intellectual café" that discusses topics like "mind & cosmos", consciousness, the nature of reality, etc... but hasn't met for a long time.

    Without this I am trapped in the intellectual wasteland, where people only talk about Big Brother and what the neighbors are doing. ;)

    Also, you could try taking college philosophy courses to get your metaphysical brainfood.
  3. Logos&Eidos

    Logos&Eidos Sage

    In my (not so)humble opinion a major component of masculinity is self-sacrifice. A lot of the social pressure place upon men is to make them into voluntarily expendable agents for the good of society. Ladies if you wish to understand how to write men or just get a better understanding of us, than you must get that. Some details of male behavioral norms differ between societies and time periods. But the commonalities are rooted in male expandability.

    First off why are men expendable? Logistics. A woman requires nine months to carry a child to term. In nine months a man could impregnate in theory hundreds or more women. Thus a community can afforded to loses more men in a short period of time than it can women. The logistics of maintaining a stable population is why so many cultures place restrictions upon what women were allowed to do. because if women were running off and engaging in life threatening adventures and were killed on said adventurers at the same rate as men. No preindustrial community could sustain itself; oppressive socio-religious rules come about later to stomp down on the natural curiosity and rebelliousness of humans.

    Combine this with the greater average sizes and strength of a man. It should not be surprising why all the risky dangerous work of society was given to men as their "domain" with the exception of childbirth; and if their was seashores mode enabled button somewhere, men would have to give birth as well.

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