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Military division specialist name.

Does legionnaire sound right for the heavy military division of the rangers corps. They like the difference between regular cops and either swat or bomb squad.

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Legionnaires are traditionally a light infantry unit. The heavy infantry units have had a ton of names historically. Personally, Is go with Triarii- a pre-Marian Roman heavy infantry unit.


Eh, I'd generally say no.

In a modern day and up setting something described as a legion makes me think of some sort of modified soldiers. Super soldiers, robots, power armor, etc.

In a fantasy setting, ranger makes me think of the D&D / Lord of the Rings type with bows or dual wielding or stuff. In that context, a legion makes me think of some sort of organized soldier / army group. My mental image of Rangers are too independent for that, so I don't really see a legionnaire as an elite form of that.

Maybe "Warden" would be better?


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And the name may well have changed its meaning over the years.
In the British Army, there are Dragoon Cavalry that don't have horses [or Dragons], Grenadiers that don't fight with grenades, Fusiliers that don't have muskets...
Almost any name can work, if there is a reason for it.
Legionnaire makes me think of the French Foreign Legion, not Rome.
According to Wikipedia [dangerous I know] "The Roman legionary (Latin: legionarius, pl. legionarii) was a professional heavy infantryman of the Roman army after the Marian reforms."