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blog Mindset Matters — 8 Simple Steps to Better Writing Habits

Caged Maiden

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Mindset Matters — 8 Simple Steps to Better Writing Habits
by A. Howitt


Stuck with a bad case of writer’s block? Ready to quit on your story after getting harsh feedback you sense deep down is true? Caught in a cycle of rewriting early chapters instead of producing new ones? If anxiety is hijacking your writing time, distracting you and leading to negative self-talk and procrastination, it might be time to address your mindset. The mistakes we make, the way we respond, and the impact on our self-worth are all matters of perception not personality traits. They’re habits. Behaviors. And behaviors can be changed.

Live and Learn

We all stumble sometimes. When babies fall, they get up and keep trucking toward their simple and immediate desire. Toddlers learn to cry until someone picks them up to soothe their frustration and hurt feelings. School-age kids cast blame and get angry in order to distance themselves from the embarrassment of being laughed at. But it’s only as adults that we truly master the art of tying our self-worth to performance and expectations, resorting to unpleasant and harmful responses when things don’t go the way we want. My husband calls it “throwing your toys out of the pram.” We can become so insecure, so afraid of failing and at the same time so driven to succeed that we spin in circles, halting all progress.

The truth is writing is failing. Over and over, until you succeed. It’s picking yourself up every time you...
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