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My Teenage Lucid Dream Fantasy World Isekai Harem Series


First, a bit of background info- since I was a child, I had the ability to semi-lucid dream almost at will, along with the ability to continue my dreams from pretty much exactly the same point where I left off last time. And this ability remained with me throughout my early adolescence, with predictable results; rather than wet dreams, I had series of lucid sex dreams instead. And by far the most memorable, detailed, and enduring of these was a series which I continued for well over two years, immersing myself in the setting for over 800 dream 'episodes', before I was rendered incapable of lucid dreaming at will in this manner (caused by the overdose of wrongly prescribed, totally ineffectual medication I was being forced to take by my doctor for my epilepsy), cutting off my connection to that world and all the close, intimate relationships I'd formed with the characters (tulpas? They seemed far too sentient, detailed, vivid and real to think of them as 'imaginary', but even in the lore of setting itself, it was an open philosophical question which couldn't be answered any more than the existence of the soul). And it's hard to believe, but I'd never watched, or been allowed to watch, any anime or manga in my life at that point (explicitly forbidden, due to my mum's moral panic over Pokemon)- I was completely ignorant of those mediums and the genres within them, and only found out about 'isekai' over a decade later.

So, this series began (when I'd just turned 15yrs old- right in the stereotypical age range for your isekai harem protagonist, but by complete coincidence) with me 'waking up' on the sandy beach of what appeared to be a fairly large island- comparable in size to the Isle of Wight, which I'd already visited earlier in my childhood, but with a tall mountain peak at its center, and a far warmer sub-tropical climate and vegetation. With the sheer cliff-faces and the densely packed pristine forest making progress difficult, I continued along the beach in a clockwise direction, looking for any signs of human settlement there, and failing that, for the easiest path inland. I failed to find the former, but after roughly an hour's walk, I finally found a coastal chine carved through the cliffside, with the stream itself offering my first taste of fresh water, and the gully which had formed around it offering the clearest path inland and upwards, toward the summit- but not the easiest, with the lack of a path forcing me to skirt alongside the edge of the stream in its shingles. Admiring the scenic beauty of the long, twisting chine, and the small flowering shrubs carpeting the steep hills of the valley on either side- noting their intense fragrance, brilliant coloration, and their similarity to oleander- I mused out loud what to call it, and eventually settled upon 'Oleandra Chine'. Rapidly tiring from the steep, precarious climb though, with the sun beginning to set on the horizon of the ocean far, far below, and the lowest-lying clouds seemingly barely above me, I came across a relatively flat, shallow, wider and slower-flowing section of the stream, with a small grassy islet (roughly the size and shape of a king-sized bed) in the middle of the it. Wading across to it, and hauling myself up onto it, I lay down to rest there, reflecting on the beauty of the gorgeously detailed environment surrounding me; trailing a hand in the water, taking one last sip (by leaning out and slurping it in by effectively kissing the stream), I wished 'Oleandra' goodnight, and shut my eyes, 'going to sleep'...

Except that the dream didn't actually end there. The blackout section faded again, and I 'awoke' (in the setting, not IRL) to find myself in exactly the same place I'd 'fallen asleep', on that same tiny islet in the middle of the stream, but in the middle of the night, with the light of the moon shining down from above- illuminating not only me, but a girl lying there in front of me, who appeared to be sleeping, roughly the same age as myself or slightly younger, roughly 3-4 inches shorter, had shoulder-length wavy hair in various hues of pink, slightly blue-tinged dark skin, and unusual facial features (the closest match I ever found IRL was a half-Black half-Filipino exchange student, who I met at university some 5yrs later, and had a tragically short romantic relationship with before she had to return to the US at the end of the semester)- and who was also stunningly, gorgeously beautiful, and completely naked. Instantly at full mast, but utterly bewildered, I woke her up, asking her who she was and how she got there. Rubbing her almond-shaped eyes, with pink irises, she sat up; leaning into me, and offering a slightly bewildered smile, she said that she was Oleandra Chine, that she and 'here' (the stream itself) were one and the same, and that she must have "got there" thanks to me having brought her into being somehow. Insisting that, since she only possessed a physical body thanks to me, her body was mine to do with as I pleased for as long as she 'lived', Oleandra proceeded to set about enthusiastically 'thanking me' with her body as best she could. At which point, the myriad of further questions I wanted to ask, to try and make sense of the situation, wound up getting set aside for a later date by my lower brain instead, as I got swept up in the passionate, wet-and-wild lovemaking session which ensued; culminating with me climaxing balls-deep inside of her, stroking her damp wavy hair, and falling asleep whilst still inside of her, held in each others' embrace (at which point, I actually did wake up, to the unpleasant discovery that the graphic detail and depth of sensation I'd experienced in my lucid sex-dream had predictable real-life repercussions, necessitating urgent washes of both the night-clothes I'd been wearing that night and my bed-linen that morning- made all the worse by the fact that we lacked a working washing machine at that time, and I had to wash them by hand in the bath)...

Anyway, that was how Dream Episode One in my Teenage Lucid Dream Fantasy World Isekai Harem Series ended. What do you think- should I continue in this format, recounting them episode-by-episode? Provide a briefer summary of it, breaking it up/piecing it together into story arcs instead? Or should I just leave it there?


Since there's absolutely no interest or feedback on this whatsoever, I'll just leave it there...


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This dream sounds oddly familiar, down to the intense detail and the mysterious appearance of a beautiful naked girl. I did not sleep with her however, personal choice. It was not the last set in that same place, I had so many adventures and met so many people that I could confidently say I had another life. But I have not been able to have any more in recent times due to unknown reasons, I do have flashes occasionally and see the faces of those I encountered in that dream world, but never actual dreams with any level of lucidity and structure like the originald. They feel more like visions through other eyes.

For once I feel that there might be someone that understands a part of my life that I have kept hidden from the world for so long.