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Names for fantasy characters

In my WIP, Adventures of the Last Aygiff, the names of my characters, depending upon their race, stems from different ancient cultures. Each race is based off a different culture; for instance, the main character is an Aygiff (an animal shape-shifter), and all Aygiff's derive their names from ancient Babylonian names. A flying race get their name from ancient Egypt, a race of empaths get their names from the Native American tribe, Apache.

I love the creativity this allows me, especially since I can base the names off of what the name means in the ancient language (example, one character is named Accalia - a white wolf who becomes a companion to the main character. Her name literally means she-wolf in Latin.) I have been using the website, behind the names .com for the meanings and naming ideas

Ancient Names - Behind the Name

It is a great resource, but for some of the races, I will be running out of good names soon and was wondering if anyone else had a good resource for names, their meanings, and where they came from.