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Need a name for magic nano/microbots



I have a world I've developed that looks sci-fi but all of the tech is magic based. Items are imbued with the aspects of other items on a grand scale and the possibilities are as limitless as the imagination and patience of the maker. I have decided to add magical nano/microbots (Not sure exactly how small they'll be yet) and they will be imbued with intuition and the desire to serve as well as other things. I have some basic ideas but nothing is making me smile yet.

Any suggestions?
Just throwing some top of the head stuff out there... manatrons, manabots, or perhaps some thing like microgolem. Idk, like I said just throwing ideas around :p


Atomata. It's a play on the ancient Greek philosophy of Atomism and the word 'automata' and... yeah, everyone will just assume you can't spell automata. Microwisp? Minisprite? Atomsprite? Sprite Zero?

I suddenly remembered why I hate naming things.
I think that ChasingSuns' idea of using "golem" is good. Maybe look at terminology you've already chosen for other things to get an idea of how you could use the term. Something like "flea-golem" might fit when other terms are naturalistic, but a more technical term like "bit-golem" (playing off the idea of computer bits and bytes) or ChasingSun's idea of "microgolem" would fit if the society is prone to use such technical jargon.

Even if you don't use "golem," looking around at the rest of your terminology might give you ideas for the sort of name you choose for these nanobots.
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Think of what you want them to look like, as well as their purpose. Even if they end up so small they're invisible to the naked eye, if it's still a tangible device, then it has to have a look, or a shape.

You're saying intuition and the desire to serve so it's presumably a machine created for a sort of hive mind? So like ants. I think with the context of your magic-driven tech, thinking about how the device will physically look, it's overall purpose and who is creating and/or using the devices.

I really like the use of golem too, maybe something like Robogolem; classification - Nanoant. Something like that only really works if it fits verse wise, but yea. Just take everything you know about it into consideration. Up to an including the devices unveiling. Will it be mentioned before it's diabolical application has begun? If so you want everything about name to suggest what it is, without the reader picking up on it. Again, if it was to look like an ant, harvester ants have great colony teamwork that almost appears liek a hive mind, so it could be Robogolem; classification - Harvester Ant. Everything is in place to tell the reader what it is and it's purpose, but they won't pick up on it straight away (unless they're a big ant nerd), they'll think it's a robot ant that's digging up something, or collecting something - which it kind of is, it just so happens that it's collecting things with sentience.

Hope this helps, kind of confused myself now. :p