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Are there any good fantasy shows or history shows that you've seen on Netflix? I've been looking and haven't found much.


Fiery Keeper of the Hat
Deadliest Warrior is very useful for seeing weapons in action. They also have the Tudors, some of which is good. Avatar: Last Airbender is probably the best fantasy TV show ever made (the third season is incredible), though some people can't get over that it's a cartoon. There's Legend of the Seeker, which I thought was better quality than the books. Xena and Hercules are both there. And of course, there's Dr. Who. All of those are on Netflix.


I'd heard from browsing forums that Deadliest Warrior was on there. I think my Fiancé has Avatar on our playlist.

Just looked up Legend of the Seeker. I didn't realize they had made the Sword of Truth books into a show! I've enjoyed most of what I've read of the Sword of Truth so far.

Thanks for all the suggestions!


If you like Sci-fi... Battlestar Galactica is an excellent show on Netflix. Also, if you like zombie movies (and who doesnt?) The Walking Dead is a great show on Netflix!