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New Cover- stolen but Free-Use art version

Newest book cover.

cheating as I stole da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, but it does work out well and fits the MC's character as a doctor/coroner.


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I like it, but I'm curious what genre the novel is (note that I'm by no means an expert on covers...). My first thought goes to thrillers or action novels, a bit of a Dan Brown feel maybe. So it it's that, then well done :)
Yes, its a comedy with a plot (or lack of plot) that follows a buddy-cop mystery adventure style. I may replace the picture with something similar that I draw once I get to it.. but the same idea would be there: possibly a man with a lot more hair as that comes up on the cover of a book that appears in the story. You can see that I added "hair" to him in stylized patches.

It's certainly not fantasy like.. magic swords, dragons, and elves etc. It's just fantasy because it's not our world.

and now that I say that it makes sense to use the Vi-man, but change him to show that its not our da Vinci... but another world's