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Opinion on a character

Hey, everyone. This is kind of an opinion thing and I'd like a few responses to help me in plotting.

In my first book, "Gods of War", Arylos, the Kaiyumian god of war, magic, and alchemy was forced to banish his father, the Avatar, or Dimensional Master Aryas for crimes against the Accords after his first banishment wore off due to another divine war similar to the first war called the Templarian Wars. (Arylos finds out about this later in the second book)
Now, in "The Night and Day", seven demonic gods like Arylos called the Seven Sorrows are trying to revive the Templarian wars in a new series of wars they call the Divine Revival; a war to destroy the current racial string of divine creatures and build a new race of demons like them. they set Aryas up to be banished by Arylos because he is the only one who can fight Aryas. Now, Arylos needs to be removed because he is the Shadow Alchemist; an alchemist who masters all of the elements and is of equal power to the Avatar except that the Shadow Alchemist is a police power on the gods.
According to Divine Law, Arylos and Aryas are not allowed to die because neither have any successors to take their seats of power, which is what the Sorrows have been waiting for, but they can be banished or trapped in another dimension, keeping them from taking their place of power.

Since this is a divine war, Arylos might need to revive Aryas in order to properly fight the sorrows. Do you think this is a good idea? It goes against Arylos's personal beliefs, but it is necessary. Arylos cannot take any action without consent of the Avatar, whose seat is now empty for the time being unless Aryas can be restored to power.

Also, Aryas is a dragon, but he takes a human form. I have not fully chosen any good forms yet, but I think a character similar to Link from The Legend of Zelda might be close; blonde hair coming to his neck, ocean blue eyes, bears a two-handed blade similar to an Ulfbehrt, and wears white or black clothing under an ocean-blue trench coat. What do you think or what are your suggestions? (Hint; the Avatar is known to have blue eyes so that must remain) Do you have any pictures that could help?

Also, Arylos's love interest is a Spirit Maiden (a goddess-to-be) Could this add a more twist because she will also need to be "taken care of" by the Sorrows.

Thanks everyone.

The Unseemly

Hmm... it's a tough one. It's difficult, understand, that a simple overview of a character and plotline is difficult to give a character a rating.

You say it goes against Arylos's personal beliefs. This depends on the approach; I've seen many novels were I found it appropriate and interesting for a character to go out of their "safety" zone, and do something completely unexpected and/or make a difficult decision. This, I see, could be particularly morale-twisting, especially if a good job was done in defining the hatred between Arylos and Aryas: how enemies unite. Adding fresh thought or originality, there's quite a bit of potential there.

Of course, there are novels were this hasn't been done in a convincing way. I'd, like always, avoid cliches and the ripping off of similar storylines. Other times when this was badly done was when everything didn't flow: the character going out of their "safety" zone just wasn't convincing, because of a specific element of the book.
Arylos's beliefs go more personal. Aryas always pushed Arylos to learn magic, alchemy, and study and practice war and combat. Arylos, for most of his young and older life, hated Aryas for that because later on, his studies turn him into a demonic god. The rivalry is more in line that Arylos does not trust his father because he has the habit of hiding a lot of things and telling half-truths to him, but is open and truthful in front of higher ranking divine creatures. Arylos, in short, feels inferior, which in his place of power is expected, lied to, and used. He also feels that Aryas pushed Arylos so that way Arylos will take Aryas's place as Shadow Alchemist so Aryas can move on to be the Avatar. (which is not far-fetched)

Arylos also fears that Aryas, with his rivals and his personal beliefs of humans (humans being inferior), Aryas might release chaos and havoc amongst Earth or the entire Versae. (the realm that we call our universe)