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Places to Take Online Classes

Philip Overby

Article Team
I always like to continue learning more and more about writing. I used to take classes in university, but I'm always interested in sites like Litreactor which offer classes to take about specific subjects (Dialogue, Fantasy Writing, etc.) instead of just general classes on craft.

Does anyone know of any sites that offer such services? I'm technically able to teach creative writing myself at the junior college level at least (I have a MA), but I guess my interest has been more on genre writing than literary writing most colleges and universities focus on.



I just started watching the Sanderson lectures, I would be interested in other online projects. Free is all the better.

Philip Overby

Article Team
I phase in and out of the Sanderson lectures. I definitely think they're useful though. I just find it hard to get caught back up once I miss a few. I may check them all out in one big lump once they're all posted.


Coursera offers courses on all sorts of subjects, some of which are writing. The Worlds of Historical Fiction is being offered in October. I took a class this past spring on Science Fiction and Fantasy literature - not writing focused, but it was interesting to get some history to the genres and read a few books I'd been meaning to get to. It is being offered again in October.

All of the classes are free, although you might need to read certain books for them. If you've got the time, I'd recommend doing the coursework for that SFF class as well. It's a lot of reading, plus a short essay every week, but it could spark some good discussion on the forums.