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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Thomas Laszlo, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Thomas Laszlo

    Thomas Laszlo Sage

    Well... if ya got it, we wanna see it! XD poetry of any kind XD I'll start

    I keep staring at my shelf
    Books on it like that elf
    I read and wonder, what else
    Would've come of me
    If I was by myself. --Thomas Laszlo

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  2. Here's some from my Portfolio.

    I fly through the fissured foundations of the formidable, fluctuating fire with fluent, flowing finesse.
    My fleeting, fragile feathers are a fair fusion of fabulous freedom and fathomless feelings, a flash of flight.
    The fidelity is fleeting, fading into forbearance: a familiar farewell.

    The radiant suns shone
    Twin painfully bright white orbs
    Blazing with yellow and golden light
    Through a transcendent, ephemeral sea
    Of wispy, misty, pale clouds
    Like the rippling water of a secret lake
    The iridescent veil of wondrous colours
    Undulate through the last fiery, flaming rays
    The blue-grey shadow of rain still clings opaquely
    To the vast abyss of the opening sky

    Airy voices echoing on the ethereal dawn
    Ominous haunting in the umbrageous dusk
    Atramentous shadows dancing through the wraith twilight
    Ghostly wisps drifting on a deathly enchantment in the melodious night
    Spectral sprites flowing through the howling storm
    Soulful ethereal light singing the symphony of the silent sky
    Pure essence of heart and spirit wandering along the mystical mystery of life
    The rhapsodic melody of soul music flowed wave by wave, pure love through every ripple and undulation, harmonizing our song together

    Wind whispers weirdly
    With secrets blown away
    Until they creep inwards
    Sneaking backwards again
    Wavering silently, hiding

    Rain pools quietly
    Echoing into infinity
    Breathing droplets of water
    Into breath of life
    Echoing into nowhere

    Humming bees fill the air
    Delicately alighting on each fragile flower
    Bundles of busy being and tiny thunder
    Transforming thin nectar to sticky honey
    Tasting of warm sunlight and flower fragrance
    Sweetness alike ripe fruit and berries mixed with
    All the wonders of nature and rich earth

    Sunlight smiles, streaming
    Into trees, into flowers, into earth
    Moonlight shimmers, streaming
    Into leaves, into plants, into water
    The world transforms into
    Golden light
    Silver light
    Illuminating all life through love
    As the water slips
    Out of the pool
    Droplets cling like diamonds
    Thin streams glistening
    Tiny pearls within a sea of earth
    Sunlight casts a spell
    Revealing the whole cosmos
    Transforming, diving
    Until all is essence
    Dancing rivers of light glow
    Metamorphosing clean water
    To pure, gentle light
    Playing the game of life
    Deep within
    The abyssal
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  3. Thomas Laszlo

    Thomas Laszlo Sage

    That was beautiful [emoji4][emoji28][emoji736]

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  4. ^Really? I often wonder if my poetry is any good. Thank you! :)
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  5. Alyssa

    Alyssa Troubadour

    Really, really dark, gloomy poetry... I should become an emo...

    Wish upon a fallen star, glue your shattered dreams,
    Do not touch, do not mar, bottle the sun’s bright beams.
    Made of glass, let sunlight fill, flood, burn, away all within,
    Tear out your tell tale heart, crush and cure it of its din.

    Steel, the coins from your own eyes, to the wishing well,
    Flutt’ring heart, flying on sighs, tread the paving stones of hell.
    Road smooth and warm, bleed on the nails inside your sole,
    Everyday torn apart, two half wishes won’t make you whole.

    Night, all alone, walls, like sound and light, are gone,
    Look up, look up, celestial halls, so dark where sun once shone.
    Look down, look down, heart falls, no stars unwished upon.
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  6. ^Very nice! :cool:
  7. I'm writing love poems for Valentines Day :D :p
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  8. Thomas Laszlo

    Thomas Laszlo Sage

    I'd love to see them if ya got em XD

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  9. This isn't one of the love poems, I need to edit those...but here's this.


    blood on the floor where I have lain
    for so many broken days
    silence settled heavy round me
    nothing in my chest to cry
    There you find me, crushed like glass
    my pieces scattered round me
    dust has gathered on my lips
    for there is pain one cannot scream
    You trace my face, its smooth outline,
    I smile sadly, if I could feel
    I'm already broken, already gone
    My heartbeat the sound of an empty chair rocking
    My gaps too far to bridge
    I'm already hollow, already empty
    My hollows filled with echoed space
    But still.
    Still I smile.

    I really don't know what to think of how I ended it.
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  10. Thomas Laszlo

    Thomas Laszlo Sage

    I like it, it's dark, it's meaningful most of all, I really enjoyed reading that this morning:)

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  11. Insolent Lad

    Insolent Lad Inkling

    The Centaur

    The centaur of Greek legend
    is an improbable beast,
    or man, if you prefer —
    half of him at least.
    Take care if you invite him
    to your wedding feast;
    it’s possible you’ll find
    you have no need for that priest.

    Be sure he checks his bow
    before he goes inside,
    for he may wish to bridle
    your intended bride!
    She’ll contemplate his arrows,
    then grow dissatisfied —
    onto his back she’ll climb
    and away she’ll ride!

    Half of him is human,
    half of him is horse;
    neither one is likely
    to ever feel remorse.
    Nor the blushing bride
    he did not need to force,
    for you were only a man —
    a centaur is more, of course!

    Stephen Brooke ©2017
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  12. Alyssa

    Alyssa Troubadour

    Oh god... I have a dirty mind... especially with that last verse.
    But absolutely hilarious

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  13. Thomas Laszlo

    Thomas Laszlo Sage

    Love it!!

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  14. Thomas Laszlo

    Thomas Laszlo Sage

    So I've decided to start writing my daily journal in verse because I hate journaling but love writing poems... I think it'll be a fun experience!

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  15. Cool idea!
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  16. Thomas Laszlo

    Thomas Laszlo Sage

    I'm excited!

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  17. Estarriol

    Estarriol New Member

    I sift the sands and shift my weight
    Selectively altering the delicate terrain.
  18. Zander Willmore

    Zander Willmore Minstrel

    Here is one I wrote several years ago. I have Schizoaffective disorder and because of this I hear voices in my head. I wrote this because of those voices and the trouble I had going on meds to control them.

    The Crazy One

    Just because you can’t hear them
    Does not mean that they don’t speak
    Just because you can’t see them
    Does not mean that they are not there

    You try to kill them with pills
    Never bothering to ask
    And never trying to see
    Just how much they mean to me

    They know all of my secrets
    All of my hopes, dreams, and fears
    They comfort me though my tears
    And share with me my triumphs

    I look at you and I think
    How lonely you all must be
    Without your own family
    Living inside your head

    So before you all judge me
    And start calling me crazy
    Realize this one simple fact
    You are the killers not me
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  19. Insolent Lad

    Insolent Lad Inkling

    For the heck of it, a fantasy-oriented piece I turned out a couple weeks ago. I suppose a Tolkien influence can be seen in this one and, as Tolkien, I sometimes find a way to slip something of this sort into a novel.


    Hiding! Abiding! The goblins in their caves!
    Rolling! Gamboling! The mermaids ’neath the waves!
    Ah, but men are blind
    and little do they find,
    fleeing, unseeing, from birth unto their graves.

    Peeping! Unsleeping! The fairies in the trees!
    Wailing! Unfailing! The banshee on the breeze!
    But men stumble on
    until their days are gone,
    drinking, unthinking, their cup down to its lees.

    Lurking! Smirking! The troll beneath his bridge!
    Howling! Prowling! The wolf-kind on the ridge!
    Men will shut their eyes,
    counting themselves wise —
    sneering, while fearing, is man’s heritage.

    Sorrow! Tomorrow! It comes to mortal men!
    Laughter! Long after! Hear the fading din!
    Ever live the fay,
    beyond our end of day.
    Hidden! Forbidden! Unknown, our fairy kin!

    Stephen Brooke ©2019
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  20. LadyErynn

    LadyErynn Dreamer

    I love dark poetry, and I JUST finished my first Poetry Chapbook at the beginning of this month! While I can't share those (yet), here's one of my previous favorites that didn't make the cut. Enjoy!


    The ossuary is empty
    It’s been that way for years
    There are no bones to speak of
    There’s only hopes and fears

    A single man named Milton
    Remembers its heyday
    Back when the bones were flowing
    And the dead would come to stay

    He can recall the parties
    The spirits used to host
    Whenever new bones arrived
    And with the bones, a ghost

    Milton always handled
    The new bones with respect
    Polished them until they shone
    While the spirits ran unchecked

    Until there arose a war,
    And the ossuary burned
    The spirits went up in flames
    And the bones, to ashes, turned

    Now Milton wanders
    Around the charred remains
    Looking for his ghostly friends
    That left him here in chains

    The ossuary is empty
    It’s nothing but a shell
    But if you visit Milton’s ghost
    He’ll have a tale to tell…

    Copyright LadyErynn, 2019 :)

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