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Post a picture of your library.

A. E. Lowan

Forum Mom
Okay, I'll bite. This is our fiction library, which resides in the living room. We have a big office, but it's not big enough for the whole physical library, and thank heavens for ebooks because there are at least this again in digital, so about 2000 more titles. A lot of our physical books are out of print or hard-to-find editions, like our copy of Heinlein's uncut Stranger in a Strange Land.

Yes, the walls are blue and awesome sexy. Soon the rest of the house will follow! šŸ˜œ

And then we have the research library which gets to actually be in the office. I like to be able to spin around in my chair and read over the titles while I try to get some random thought bit to rattle loose from my squiggy little brain. Our writing reference library is also here, as is my mom's body of work and some of my dad's medical books. As you can see, the animals also spend much time in the office with us, and yes, dusting is on the agenda. ;)



Myth Weaver
I don't have much of a library. Most of my books from over the years are in bins in my storage unit. I have like...less than 10 that might be books of mine in the house, and I am not sure they are still there. The only physical book I have currently is Mr. ThinkerX's.
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