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Post Size Limit

I'm currently working on getting the post for the world I want some help with written up (I didn't want to just copy-paste my .txt file, no matter how simple that would have been) and it suddenly occurred to me that I should see if there's a limit to how long a post should be (for ease of reading, if nothing else), and therefore should break it up into multiple posts at the start of the thread, rather than have one huge post at the start.

What would be the verdict on this? For politeness' sake, if nothing else.

I have decided to scrap what I've been doing, and just rearrange my notes into something more coherent, then copy-paste that. It'll be a shorter post than I was making.
Ah, I have discovered the character limit. I guess this thread/post was pointless. Oops.
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Article Team
Last I encountered it, I cut the text down to below 10,000 characters and it worked - including formatting.