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  1. Trailofstardust

    Can I post art here?

    I want to ask if it's OK to post pictures in threads. My art, art from other artists and pictures in general.
  2. BearBear

    Can someone explain the distinction between Drama and Scifi or Fantasy?

    I presume to say their all fiction, but why do they separate out dramas from other types of fictional works? Don't they? Am I just confused?
  3. I

    Environmental Inspirations

    Hey all, I am doing a small project, mostly conceptual, about the effects that the visual and auditory surroundings may have on the writing process. So if anyone has the time it would be great to get some answers to some the following questions: What, if any, environment do you personally...
  4. J

    What Point(s) of Departure Would the Native Americans Need to Sail Across the Atlantic and Colonize

    Full title is actually "What Point(s) of Departure Would the Native Americans Need to Sail Across the Atlantic and Colonize Europe?" Sometime last year on DeviantArt, I found this map by MoshiDungo: The title of the map is What if the Americas colonised Europe? As the title explicitly...
  5. J

    Is The Climate Map for My Alternate Earth Accurate?

    Here is a map of an alternate Earth that I've been building and rebuilding for years: Map by Mikael Asikainen To make things easier on all of us, myself included especially, at the bottom left is a legend on this world's elevation. The differences become most apparent when comparing this...
  6. J

    Is there any mythical animal that symbolizes riches wealth?

    I am creating a giant fantasy Universe with my own Gods and creatures. One of the Gods is the Goblin king, the god of wealth. All of my gods, have symbols. I am having a hard time finding a animal symbol for my wealth God. do you any of you know any magical or mythical or fantasy animals that...
  7. lesbiancowboy

    Historic Fantasy Questions

    I have questions, and I imagine plenty of you do too.
  8. D

    Where would I post if I want help flushing out a character's power/ability

    I am planning a story and I want help and opinions for flushing my main character's power and ability and not sure where I can post for it.
  9. Onemaus

    Creating a religious system/order

    Hey everyone, thank y'all for taking the time to read this. It means a lot. I've started getting into the church infiltration scene of my W.I.P. and have come across five characters that, at this point in the story, are very unique. They are: three Fathers and Mothers, specifically the Earth...
  10. ChibiMango-Flooferz

    Market Survey

    Project Furdeverse/Doppelgangfur Market Survey For two to three years I've been mainly held back on Doppelgangfur, my story, because I can't decide what kind of project to release it as. I've considered making it a book, an animated series, a comic, and a video game, but I'm incredibly...
  11. Bardic_Knowledge

    Post Size Limit

    I'm currently working on getting the post for the world I want some help with written up (I didn't want to just copy-paste my .txt file, no matter how simple that would have been) and it suddenly occurred to me that I should see if there's a limit to how long a post should be (for ease of...
  12. Jeremiah Reed

    In my world

    In the setting I'm working on, it's been several million years since the world has been almost completely wiped out after some mass extinction (whether it's caused by World War III or some natural disaster, I'm still debating with myself about.). The survivors of this apocalypse live on and...
  13. Pratik Mane

    A small doubt, please help.

    I have a fantasy story in my mind and want to write a novel in it. The fantasy world is based on Hindu mythology. I want to write it in english, would that be okay? Because the fantasy world is dominated by Sanskrit language.
  14. J

    Farm-Raised Venison and Bison Before the Common Era

    According to The Modern Farmer, people have been farming deer since the 1970s. The link provided also explains the benefits deer farming has over conventional livestock farming. The one fundamental problem I have with this is that they're still farming wild deer. Which means that they are not...