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Recommendations for Dictation App

Hi Scribes! I'm looking for an app for Android for talk-to-type that can easily (not by copy-pasting) export into Word (or at least Google Docs, if that's the only option.) Finding a lot of 'talk-to-text messaging' apps on Google Playstore, but not what I am looking for.

Doesn't have to be fancy, or "final-draft-worthy" level accurate. Free is of course preferred, but if it's worth paying for that is also worth mentioning. What do you like and not like about it? Are extra features worth purchasing?

My biggest concern is pop-up ads that actually block the recording without me knowing about it... because I'm relaxed and not physically holding/ staring into my phone to see it pop up and intetrupting my session.

This is mostly for late-night writing sessions where I'm feeling very creative but am too tired to write, and for getting everything that has piled up in notebooks into digital files for the first time.
By the time I get to my writing, I am not wanting to sit and type anymore. And, carpal tunnel is starting to become rather insistant that I adjust strategy.