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Single Bad Guy = Source of all Evil?

So I am working on forming all the "back-lore" of my world and I might have come across a problem. First let me share you a very basic run down of what it is and then I will explain after. This might get a bit lengthy...

Technically another world existed before the current one but that's not important. There is the physical realm and through a magical version of the big bang, currents and waves of magical energy flowed over creation. These waves of energy began to form and cluster and formed individual beings who developed their own consciousness. There are gods that exist in an ethereal plane and physical gods who have great magical abilities and are immune to age but walk on the earth.

I am thinking of having it so that the gods raise mankind and the various races and through their superior knowledge, teach them things such as construction and agriculture and so on. During these hundreds of years of rapid growth and development, there is peace. Everything is held in order and is tranquil. But one of the physical deities sees out even beyond the heavens and sees even more etheral planes that exist beyond the walls of our own realm. He sees their realms, which are purely comprised of their own emotion and personality and these outer-gods look at the physical realm in disgust. They wish that it would be destroyed and by unmaking the world and collapsing reality on itself, the universe will fall into sort of a magic black whole where everything will be one energy. (Prior to the big bang, everything and all of creation was one singular entity. These outer deities wish to destroy the world to merge all energy back into their version of true harmony)

From there, this one lone god sees the truth that has hidden from the world's eyes, and is overcome by the sheer infinite thoughts of hate and anger and ambition of these outer gods that a plot begins to swell in his heart to unmake the world. He goes alone in secret deep into the depths of the world and from the heat and strong stone, he is the first to create a sword: A instrument of wicked design and intentions. No swords have even been made before and it is with this blade that he would slay his brothers and sister in order to claim rule over the earth and plunge it into chaos. He does in fact slay his family and by cursing his blood and having his followers drink it and become slaves to his will, he has legions armed with steel to fight and enslave the mortal races. The remaining physical gods and the heavenly gods decide that peace must be obtained through bloodshed, but they fear the armies made of metal and steel. They fear to replicate weapons, whose design has brought discord to the world. But they do create them, and bless the blades and armor from the heavens to fight.

The whole concept of my stories are that mankind get enslaved by the heavenly gods. After the events of what happened here, the worship that the gods gained from having their servants kill in their name is beyond anything they have felt before since all of their worship was of prayers and rituals. It was in fact by the ruling of the sun god (the big guy in charge) that humans are to be ruled justly and in peace. He was opposed to the idea of war but the moon deity convinced the other star gods to create holy warriors and use them for killing. This bloodshed led to the discovery of blood-worship and was part of many dark magical secrets that the sun god wanted kept secret. They became angry at the sun god for keeping these arts secret. The euphoria was like an unimaginable high for them and now feeling like they had to go back to pitiful prayers and unappetizing rituals, they began to fight over the sun throne and plunged the heavens (and the earth) into a thousand year long period of holy civil war. The sun god eventually being overthrown but banishing the moon good away into an abyss.

I wanted to know if you liked this concept. I am concerned that all these events coming to fruition was all caused by a single god. I don't know if that sounds cheesy or not. What do you think?

EDIT: Also,do you like the concept of there was no violence and pure peace on earth for all these years? Or is that far fetched?
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I was actually doing something similar so I'd be a hypocrite if I said I didn't like it.
But yeah, it's all okay - very gnosticism-esque.

I'm thinking it sounds cheesy because it's common. A lot of myths require some kind of morally-ambiguous agent of change to get things going. Hence the whole trickster archetype.

Also,do you like the concept of there was no violence and pure peace on earth for all these years? Or is that far fetched?

That idea is surprisingly common in fantasy. Just call it "the Golden Age" and you're set.
Yeah but I'm thinking about it realistically. Hundreds of years and absolutely no strife or killings? I don't know if that's very believable. I've really been wracking my brain with this one.

I'm gonna keep brain storming with this though. Any thoughts from anyone else? (Not trying to seem like I'm discrediting your post WooHooMan)

Edit: there is still the issue of human nature and how we are capable of good and bad. I don't know if living in a perfect utopia would work. Hmmm...
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One idea if you both want to have a single big baddy and still leave room for human initiative is to go a Nurmenor route. Let the humans figure out war, bloodshed and blood sacrifice by themselves, but as they are doing so, the moon god (or the gods) slips in to whisper in their ears to give them the nudge to genocide, exterminations and mass sacrifice by the thousands. The humans can have figured out evil on their own, but they then got some juicy advice on how to push it further.

It's very biblical I would say. Think the Garden of Eden and snakes etc. But my thought would be that since I assume you aren't writing the book from the POV of the gods, you probably have to put that stuff more in the background / world build. And since people aren't gods and don't have single minded POV's what will make it real will be how their own more complex world views relate / resonate with the dark god's agenda.

I'd suggest taking a god like Loki or Kali and then doing some reading about their followers. Why did they become their followers? Is it that they believe their dogma? Their creed? Or does it simply mesh with certain life style choices / beliefs of theirs? Is it instead more basic than that? Is it about power or lust?

Cheers, Greg.
I haven't decided on a name for him yet but i want to present the dark god as a god of logic. He pursuits knowledge and understanding, seeking all truths, even dark and forbidden knowledge. It is later on that he causes a civil war known as the First War of Heaven. He sees that magic is beautiful as a whole and that to restrict what is and is not permitted is to deny understanding and true godliness. While later on his servants become wretched creatures having been warped by the dark energies, the dark Lord will always be presented as a shining figure of white radiance.

I was thinking that Maybe in the beginning he and others come and realize that there is magic being hidden from them by the prime deity (ruler of Heaven) and that they cause the civil war to dethrone him and unlock secrets that have been kept...secret. so he and fellow like minded gods join together in force but all look to him as their leader.

Might be able to explain the periods of peace because since magic is being manipulated by the Prime Deity, that could cause the peace on earth, by denying humans and other beings true understanding of good and evil. Like you said mentioning Adam and eve, they did not realize they were naked until it had been revealed to them because that knowledge was kept hidden. Maybe they were put under such a spell or trance that they were oblivious to their "human nature"
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Now you really are treading on biblical toes. You've just described Lucifer - whose name actually translates as the morning star and who was described as a beacon of shining light - prior to the fall which you also seem to be describing.

Cheers, Greg.