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Ned Marcus

Does anyone here have much experience of selling their books via Smashwords (either through their distribution system or their bookstore)? Any idea of how they compare with D2D or other aggregators?

I'd almost forgotten they existed, but I visited recently, and there are some things I like. For one, you can put your books in a sale and not worry about other retailers price matching because they use a coupon system. I go direct for Amazon, Kobo, and Google, and have no intention of changing that. But I use D2D for Apple and B&N. I've had little success selling to either of these.

While I was there, just for interest, I uploaded two of my books to their bookstore. I sold a book within minutes, which is always nice.


Used them a long time ago for two short stories. They used to be fairly easy compared to most options 10 years ago, but now you have so many options available, you might do better with sites with better SEO. Often, those are easier to use these days. Still, depends on whether you want to stay small supplier or go with bigger corporate entities.