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Stuff n Things

Most of these are WiPs, since I took a huge break from art and have only just started getting back into it, but I'll update or replace them when they're done. I think the second one only needs a few little tweaks and touches. If you want me to do an art thing for you, I am happy to, but requests only, not commissions. Keep your monies.

Fantasy Landscape thingy

Nearly-finished character painting

A creepy creature. Of some kind. Don't ask me what.
Thank you!

For the digital ones, mostly yes. If I do a sketch, it's usually either a quick one on paper with a 3B, 4B, or 5B greylead (depending on how loose it is), or I sketch in PaintTool SAI. They are, of course, with a Wacom tablet. I think I would go insane trying to paint with a mouse.
There is always time to improve. I hope to be as good as John Howe one day (I hope that's not hubris, he's amazing).

CS6 is incredibly stupid compared to previous versions. They keep rearranging things, it makes it very difficult to keep track of where everything is. I thought they'd chopped out my favourite effects, but no. They just hid them. So frustrating.


Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I took a photography class in college and thought I had a pretty basic concept of it, but when I got CS6 I felt like a complete idiot.


I have to say the portrait of the lady with the fur-fringed hood is my favorite art piece in the OP. Were the snowflakes created with some kind of Photoshop brush?
Thanks! She's a character of mine from my wip novel, so she's pretty much my favourite too. :p

I can't remember, but I'm 99% sure it was done with a Photoshop brush. I work in ridiculously huge files, so the chances of me being bothered to draw each flake individually are slim to none. As for which brush exactly, though, I'm not sure. Sometimes I make my own, sometimes I use people on deviantArt's.