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The Bittersweet Ending, To Do or Not ?

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by Caged Maiden, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. Addison

    Addison Auror

    There is a way for both sides to win, so I've ready. I forget which writing book it was in. But let's say the MC's goal was to find a rare plant which was the only cure for a plague that was attacking his town. There's only so much of the plant and it's only in season for a brief period. (If you've seen Anaconda: Hunt for the Blood Orchid, it's like that) As if the ticking clock wasn't bad enough, an evil king or some such is dying of the plague as well. His prince, or wife or something, is going after the flower too. The dying person is evil, a duke or king or such, who's death will be celebrated by the people and saving him will allow him to do something that would make their lives miserable.

    So it's a race against time and each other. In the end both characters get some of the plant. So our MC saves his village and the goon saves the evil king. The village is saved and lives to see the King's new batch of misery. A bittersweet ending.
  2. Bansidhe

    Bansidhe Minstrel

    I confess: I'm not crazy with a lot of my endings, and I am the queen of the "happy for now" ending as opposed to the "happily ever after".

    Does your hero know he's going to die (or at least strongly suspect it?) Can he leave a journal or letter behind explaining everything that other characters find after he's gone?

    Sometimes "happily ever after" just doesn't work, no matter how hard we try, because it just isn't true. And readers will revolt over an unbelievable ending than a bittersweet one. Trust your instincts and write fearlessly!

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