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The curse of the creative mind

I'm in a bit of a situation.

I'm writing in a modern setting, and I need to integrate a girl with a rocky past into a group of friends that can get quite rowdy, but in a sophisticated and fun way. Banter instead of brawling. That kind of thing.

So I was looking around for ways this could happen, and I stumbled upon an idea that just immediately clicked with me and with the characters I have. I want to write a weekend long prank war. Men vs women, with the grand prize being the other team having to bake the gateau in which you smash their faces.

Now having never done a prank war, the rational part of me groaned a little at writing one. Yet the creative, fun loving part of me is in love with the idea, so a prank war it will be.

Plan for the war
Split your group in half, men vs women.
One person is chosen as prank judge of the weekend. He/She gets to decide the top three pranks of the day. Number one gets 3 point, two gets 2 and the third gets 1. (this isn't set yet, but it's not very important)
Open prank season: Friday evening/Saturday/Sunday morning
Sunday afternoon --> The loser makes tha necessities for the reward and then gets his.her face smashed in it

So what are the best pranks you know?
In the late '80s I delivered pizzas for Cousins Pizza in Norwood, NJ. The place had a half-dozen trucks with Cousin's logo, address and phone number written all over them. It occurred to me, Could I get a pizza ordered to Cousins itself? I figured none of the driver actually registered our address and would drive many times back in forth in front of the store, which was on the main drag through town, until they figured it out while the owner, who made the pies up front wondered what the driver was doing.

I chose a busy Saturday when the place was hopping and there were five other drivers to minimize my chance of getting the delivery.

The first trick was the phones. There were three next to each other on a wall, which were manned by a high school girl (I was in college). I asked if I could use a phone. She said sure. I turned away from her, waited for her to hang up her current call, and dialed our own number. She answered and I turned my back and said quietly, because she was right behind me, that I'd like a large cheese. She said OK. I gave her Cousins address and phone number, and hung up.

She, of course, had to call that number back to make sure the order wasn't a prank. I was only too glad to help her out when the phone rang while she was calling from the one next to it. I grabbed the phone and quietly confirmed the order and hung up. She asked me, "Who was that on the phone?" I said, "Wrong number."

The order was put in--to the owner. Who didn't notice. I think I went out on a run and came back to find the ticket moved up and the pizza being made. So close. When the pie came out, I positioned myself to see it given out to another driver, which consisted of the owner calling the next driver's name and sticking the ticket in the gap around the lid of the pizza box. He did it, I smiled, then he called the driver back and looked at the ticket. His mind must have just registered the address, which he didn't usually pay attention to. Damn.

I felt sorry for the poor phone girl who got chewed out for taking the order. I busied myself with some chore to hide my disappointment. No one every figured out who did it.


Article Team
I have a question. What do you mean by integrate? Do you just want to show that she's a part of the gang now? If that's the case, this seems quite elaborate for just that one thing. Now if this prank war serves to advance other parts of the story, then ignore my concerns.

As for pranks, I personally like pranks, that don't get anyone into trouble. In high school someone got a new car and drove it to school. Before the end of the day a large bunch of guys went out to the street, literally picked up the car, and moved it around the corner.
The chapter that this weekend will be part of comes after she's confronted a big chunk of her past. Dealing with it has absorbed much of her recent life and this prank war would be part of reintroducing her into dealing with people and having friends, something she didn't really have in the past. It's light fun that will let her get to know people and have a blast with them. A way for her to see people in a different light then her experience tells her they should be.

So while I do want to write some high quality, fun pranks, they're by no means that important. I think I might describe maximum three or four and refer to some others. Most of the weekend will be implied by the way I'll start and end my scenes.