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The Fall of Light

Greeting Scribers

It's been a long time, but I've finally released the full version of my novel The Fall of Light. A novel which started right here in the Mythic Scribes portfolios. Here's the blurb!

"On the planet Clanesta, humans have learnt to live in peace with a unique race of crystalline creatures. The peace is maintained by a fantastical gem known as the Etherium. The Etherium is protected by the Scorch royal family, for if the gem is lost or destroyed, the peaceful pact will be dissolved and chaos will reign.

Alesson and Linta Scorch are the twin teenage dependants of King Trengar and they are destined to rule over the capital city of Scorvain. Alesson is the young warrior Prince and Linta is the pretty diplomatic Princess and when they are grown, it will be up to them to guard the Etherium.

Then on one cold dark night, a mysterious army of pitch-black monsters attack Scorvain. Beasts with fangs, claws and tentacles overrun the city’s defences, and evil men shrouded in living shadows hunt for the Etherium. Alesson and Linta are forced to flee the city on an amazing adventure, filled with deadly perils, epic battles and startling revelations."

Buy it from here in the UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fall-Light-...F8&qid=1390339917&sr=8-3&keywords=trev+briggs

Buy it frim here in the US The Fall of Light: Book 1 of The Crystal Companions Saga: Trev Briggs: 9781493695416: Amazon.com: Books

Best of all, it free to buy on the Kindle this weekend (25th and 26th of January).

Any comments, reviews or opinions would be greatly appreciated. I'm also happy to answer any questions.

Thanks in advance and happy reading!


Myth Weaver
I'm not a "blurb" guy, but I have to say that yours didn't do anything for me. It seems so focused on backstory that there is no character or emotion in it. That makes me think that the book is about the events instead of the characters.

If that's true, then maybe the book just isn't for me. If not, maybe you should consider rewriting the blurb to make it focus on the characters and the emotional stakes of the challenges they face.

Just a thought...

Thanks for that Brian,

I've never been that good at writing blurbs. I thought it was all out the who, the where and the why. I guess as you say, it needs more emotion.

Kind regards